One Piece: Top 10 strongest characters during the Marineford war.

Marineford was easily one of the best arcs of the whole series.
This was partially because of all the big player that clashed/fought against eachother in this amazing war.
In this list I ONLY included characters who were participating in the war, so people like Ace, Blackbeard or Shanks are NOT included in this list since they either did not fight during the war, or had no/very little clashes.
But have you ever wondered who were actually the 10 strongest fighters back in marineford ?
Well let me give you my take on that particular topic, by making this top 10 list I want to see if I come close to what you guys had in mind for your own top 10.
With the introduction out of the way, lets jump right into it !

Top 10 strongest characters during the Marineford war.

10. Boa Hancock.

Boa Hancock.

People really need to stop sleeping on Boa Hancock !
She has all three types of Haki, and on top of it, ANYONE with any type of attraction to her is doomed to fail.
We’ve seen her kick pacifistas out of commission with only ONE kick ! (mind you, Luffy and the straw hats needed a team effort to take these things out back then).
Marineford made me realize how lucky Luffy was that she didn’t turn out to be an enemy.
He’s also lucky for other…*ahem* stuff.

9. Doflamingo


well for starters, im one of the people that believes that Doflamingo is either close to 1st commander level or he IS 1st commander level.
I base this on his performance in Dressrosa, and although i know we’re not talking about Dressrosa arc characters, I don’t think there’s that much of a difference in marineford war Doflamingo, and Dressrosa Doflamingo.
He was also capable of stopping Jozu in his movements, AND cut off Oars jr’s leg with relative ease.
On top of it, I don’t have a feeling Doflamingo was trying in this war at all, since all he did most of the arc was monologue and have fun.

8. Marco the Phoenix.

Marco the Phoenix.

He definitely deserves a spot on this list for being the 2nd in command of the Whitebeard pirates alone.
Not only did he clash with every single one of the previous Admirals, he also managed to take a hit from the Hero of the marines, and he stood up right afterwards !
He’s also one of the main reasons why Luffy got away in the first place.
You could even argue that he’s also one of the main reasons how Luffy got to Ace, since he had Luffys back the whole time.
I actually was doubting where I should put him on the list, because he had very impressive feats during marineford, but I just think the people above him on this list are capable of defeating him ( it wont be easy AT ALL tho ).

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7. Aokiji The Blue Pheasant.

Aokiji The Blue Pheasant.

Well first of all, he’s an admiral what did you expect ?
Aside from being an Admiral, his skills alone are enough to bring him this high up in this list.
We’ve seen Aokiji clash with the likes of Whitebeard and come out fine.
If it wasn’t for his very laid back attitude, I’m not even sure if the Whitebeard pirates would’ve only lost Ace and Whitebeard, because he was definitely capable of killing some of their members ( Jozu for example ).
He also stopped multiple devastating attacks, like Whitebeards Tsunami-like earthquake at the start of the battle.
Him defeating the Straw Hats back on Long ring Long land ( which was basically a no diff fight ) , is also one of the things that shows how ridiculously strong he is !

6. Kizaru The yellow Monkey

Kizaru The yellow Monkey

Okay so hear me out, the reason I put Kizaru above Aokiji in this list is because we have absolutely NO CLUE how high he would rank up against his former colleagues.
yes he wanst considered when the marines were looking for a new Fleet Admiral, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t best one of his colleagues in a fight, it simply means he just doesn’t has the leader capabilities, but he could still be stronger then the both of them.
I also don’t see how Aokiji’s ice could outspeed his Pika Pika no mi.
Kizaru literally took ZERO damage during this whole war !
Keep in mind, he fought very strong people like, Marco and Whitebeard.
He did got sent flying yeah, but I think he was trolling partially there, since he literally took no damage from the attack at all, and his way of speaking on what happened sounded very troll like in my opinion.
im telling yall, do NOT sleep on Kizaru, this man is an absolute monster !

 5. Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk

This man is the strongest swordsman alive, and marineford partly showed us why.
His slashes were devastating enough for Jozu to step in and defend Whitebeard, and he also took down relatively strong fighters like Daz Bones for example with ease during the war.
He also sliced whole mountain sized Ice walls with no issues, and his name alone was enough for strong dudes like Vista to challenge him in the middle of the war.
Him clashing with Shanks back in the days is also on of the reasons why he’s this high up on the list, because not a lot of people can clash with an emperor on equal terms and live to tell the story.
Mihawks appearance on the battlefield was enough for the whole entirety of marineford to look up and wonder what that man called Hawk Eyes was up to.
And like he said himself, all he wanted to know was the difference between him and ‘’that man’’.
Which is Odas way of telling us that even Mihawk himself wonders if he’s capable of taking on the likes of Whitebeard.

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4. Sengoku the Buddha

Sengoku the Buddha

Even though Sengoku didn’t do that much during Marineford, he still earned this spot on the list because the things he did do, we’re pretty impressive on their own.
Also him being around the same tier as Garp is just INSANE if you think about it.
one of his punches was enough to make a ‘’gear 3rd Giganto Fuusen’’  Luffy bleed out of his mouth.
He also fought the Blackbeard pirates together with Garp, and this was when Blackbeard just acquired the Gura Gura no Mi.
Most of the fight was off screen of course, but the moments we did get to see from the fight, Sengoku was going in on all of them at the same time, which is just crazy if you think about how strong the Blackbeard pirates are.

3. Akainu the Red Dog

Akainu the Red Dog

So this top 3 is probably gonna surprise a lot of people, but I actually think that Akainu was one of the 3 strongest players back in Marineford !
He fought an enraged Whitebeard, and even tho he was sick and wounded, Whitebeard was still a VERY strong individual and not much people who fought him lived to tell the story, but Akainu is one of them.
He also fought the Division Commanders ALL AT THE SAME TIME !!
That’s right, all at the same time.
And nobody was holding back, because this was right after he killed Ace, so they had more then enough reasons to go all out on him.
I think a lot of people don’t want to give him credit because of what he did (which is understandable), but him being an douchebag doesn’t take ANYTHING away from his combat capabilities

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2. Garp The Hero

Garp The Hero

The man the legend himself !
This mans appearance alone made the whole battlefield tremble in fear ( friend or foe it didn’t matter).
One hit from Garp was strong enough to do damage on someone like Marco who’s specialized in healing himself.
Garp also was confident enough that he would KILL Akainu if Sengoku had let him go, and I TOTALLY agree.
Especially now when the whole Rocks thing got explained in the Manga.
Its crazy if you think about it, Garp used nothing more then just his FISTS and he was capable of competing against all type of Devil fruit users during this war.
I believe he’s is still in the Top 5 strongest Marines even after the timeskip, this man is an absolute monster !

1. Whitebeard the strongest man alive.


Do I really need to explain this one ?
This man took 267 sword wounds, 152 bullets and 46 CANON BLASTS and that wasn’t even enough because he also took multiple hits from different devil fruits, and one he was crushing all type of people while he was a 1 man army ( keep in mind, this included one shotting Giants ).
His attacks were strong enough to destroy the entire world, and his name was so feared across the globe that children even sang songs about him like he was the boogeyman.
The fact that the government found it necessary to gather ALL of the noteworthy marines + Warlords to deal with this man, says a lot about the threat behind him.

So what do yall think ?

Do yall agree with this list or do you think i forgot someone ?
Let us know in the comments below, and ill see you guys next time !

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