Solo leveling 129 Spoilers, Solo leveling chapter 129 Raw

What’s up guys? Solo Leveling is back with a bang after an unexpected break and this week it looks like we are finally at a point were are going to start getting some answers after a couple of chapters of Jin Woo destroying statues.Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in Solo Leveling 129 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post!!

Solo leveling chapter 128 Discussion:

The chapter begins with Sung Jin Woo facing the Architect. The timer for his quest is still going. It means that the fight isn’t over. The architect tells Jin woo that the data stored in his memory will be retrieved if he agrees to it. Jin woo says yes and he gets transported in an almost soul like form to a place with a purple sky where a large army of monsters including the likes of ice elves and goblins are gathered at.He observes multiple black gates in the sky. While SJW ponders over how humanity wouldn’t survive if all the monsters came out of a gate, the portals open and an army of beautifully designed angelic looking beings appear.

The arrival of these beings who are called the Silver soldiers initiates a war which entails a number of brutal battles between the monsters and them. The silver soldiers however are able to easily advance and gain ground against the monsters. The monsters are all nearly annihilated when the silver soldiers start to stop one by one. An incredibly designed black figure arrives and revives all the monsters. Sung Jin Woo realizes that it is the Shadow Monarch, the very being his powers are derived from and probably the strongest character we’ve seen in the series. He watches as he instantaneously makes all the revived monsters stronger too.

The .monsters then proceed to clash with the silver soldiers again, this time on equal footing. The shadow monarch himself participates and easily defeats a bunch if silver warriors while also continually resurrecting the shadow soldiers and also using Ruler’s Authority until the silver soldiers are all defeated. The shadow soldiers and the monsters are said to have achieved victory until an unnamed greater threat appears. As Jin Woo is going through these memories we see other S Rank hunters including Cha Hae somehow enter the temple without the key.

They notice the destroyed statues and then see the Architect who is surprised to see them there uninvited. They then notice Jin woo who seems lost in a trance who the Architect says is in a slumber.The chapter ends with the Architect slicing up three of the hunters and declaring all of them sacrifices for the ‘King’.

SOLO LEVELING 129 Spoilers & Predictions:

With this chapter was amazing and we see what the Shadow Monarch looked like. We also learn that he was leading a victorious shadow army before a bigger threat appears. We’ll probably see what the threat was, in Shadow Leveling 129. Right now knowing how whatever Woo is seeing is data retrieved from how memories, it looks like Woo is actually learning to use his past abilities rather than actually leveling up.

According to lot of light novel fans, this is the point where the manga gets darker and more exciting especially in terms of plot so we’re in for a lot more. Looks like we might even see the Architect versus the other S rank hunters in Solo leveling 129 instead of getting more lore. The Architect is also a very strange figure who has his own motives for letting Woo know and understand all the retrieved data.

Solo leveling 129 Raw scans release date:

Solo Leveling 129 will release on the 3rd of December! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in Solo Leveling 129? Will we see the S Ranks fight the Architect? Will Woo return and fight the Architect? Will we see more of the Shadow Monarch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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