Among the main releases of the new generation of consoles, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the most awaited games by the public. We had the chance, thanks to Sony, to test the game on a PlayStation 5 and we can already tell our first impressions about the game!

This is a first impression text because it is not fair to criticize Miles Morales without finishing the game. If you played Marvel’s Spider-Man, you know that the game has a big twist in its third act, which completely changes the tone of things. Thus, our full review is scheduled for November 12 , the day the title is released.

Until then, we will bring a lot of cool content about Teioso, so stay tuned!

With that clarified, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is stunning right from the start . The look of the game is impeccable and the images released about it so far are not lying. It’s a huge graphic leap from the already incredible Mavel’s Spider-Man, something that made this adventure even more alive, vibrant and addictive.

In addition, the game’s soundtrack and audio treatment created a more personalized, intimate adventure I would say, for Miles, something that you can’t feel so much about Peter’s. As in the Aranhaverso movie, the game’s music talks to you and helps you introduce the protagonist in a deeper, personal way. And, of course, swinging through New York with a trap tap in the background is amazing – not to mention the Spider theme remix, which is just too beautiful.


The question for this to be a partial review and not a full review comes from the fact that, like Teioso’s first game, this game is quite extensive . It doesn’t seem to be as big as Peter’s, but I need to dedicate more hours here. And although it has several similarities with the progress of the story of the original, Miles’ plot has a different beat and follows a path of its own.

That’s because this is a journey of Miles becoming a hero , while Peter is already hardened when we met him on PS4. So, at first you can see that this adventure is a little more chaotic , the protagonist is more anxious, a little desperate, and these characteristics affect how the story is told.

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In fact, this feeling of introduction is present in the game as a whole ; it’s not as familiar as dealing with Dr. Octavius ​​or Aunt May right away. These characters, these situations and Miles’ actions are new, a true origin story to introduce this new Spider-Man to you, the player, and to New York. It is difficult to say how it will develop until the end, but after the initial strangeness passes – if you got used to Marvel’s Spider-Man – it is a very pleasant, thought-provoking and fun journey.

Speaking of fun, even though Miles’ movements resemble Peter’s movements in gameplay, you can soon notice the stark differences between the two and the improvements made to the game. This Spider likes to show off more in his acrobatics, he is more agile, careless. He doesn’t fall on his feet yet, he collapses on the ground sometimes  and that’s really cool.

With a few hours of gameplay, you can already say that this is another great original PlayStation title , from the Marvel collection and an introduction that matches Miles for many people. It remains to be seen whether this feeling remains until the end.

What do you want to know about Spider-Man: Miles Morales for our final review? Leave it in the comments!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is scheduled for release on November 12 on PS4 and November 19 on PlayStation 5.

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