10 Worst Quirks in My Hero Academia: A Useless Blessing

The world of My Hero Academia has tons of quirks ranging from useful ones to ones that may or may not be helpful for battle but are helpful in other situations to absolutely useless ones that serve little to no purpose. Here are 10 of those quirks that are absolutely the worst.

10 Worst Quirks in My Hero Academia

10. Longleg (Unknown Thief)

Longleg (Unknown Thief)

Although this quirk might be useful as a criminal or in fights, in the big picture, this quik honestly sucks. Long legs stop you from going on certain rides, entering certain places, and ends up being a huge bother to manage when sitting down or going to sleep. Regularly-sized legs is the best way to go.

9. Fly Swatter (Shoko Haimawari)

Fly Swatter (Shoko Haimawari)

This is actually a slightly-useful power if only it had any other purpose except fly-swatting. A power that can move your hand at faster than a fly is nice but material that is flimsy only enough to kill a fly would barely do any damage to actual assailants, much less a villain. This quirk might be good for everyday household chores but it proves futile and pointless anywhere else unless you want a small bother to disappear quickly.

8. Big Horn (Daikaku Miyagi)

Big Horn (Daikaku Miyagi)

This quirk could prove useful in a one-on-one battle with a similarly-powered individual but as a pro-hero, this is only one small horn on your head so therefore, it cannot really serve as a tool for many great things. It might be useful in day-to-day lives regarding chores but this isn’t a quirk that someone should get excited about.

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7. Bendy Fingers (David Shield)

Bendy Fingers (David Shield)

For one of the smartest men involved with Quirk research, it makes sense why he’s so interested given how pathetic his quirk is. His quirk only works for people who work in sweatshops and can’t reach the tiny button on the dress shirts they are sewing or can prevent him from getting arthritis from extended typing in the research lab. This quirk is largely unnoticed and I almost consider David Shield as Quirkless given that all fingers are bendy and just having a little more bendy fingers doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a full-fledged quirk, in my honest opinion

6. Pointer (Compass Kid)

Pointer (Compass Kid)

This quirk can be useful when people are in a daze and do not know where the safest place is. It’s good for short-term rescue and traffic management but nothing else. Most rescue and safety operations are managed by heroes that can specialize in actively helping civilians. Not just pointing them to a good place to rest.

5. Lizard (Rapt Tokage)

Lizard (Rapt Tokage)

Nothing much comes with this quirk other than the fact the user can transform into a lizard. Lizards are cold-blooded which is never ideal for the climate that most humans live in and it feeds on bugs and small creatures. Living a life like another animal without having any abilities that can benefit you seems close to hell and not even being human anymore. This is an issue that could seriously develop into a psychological problem for many Mutation-type quirk users.

4. Swan (Unnamed Criminal)

Transofmring into a swan is elegant, beautiful, and gives off a feeling of tranquility. The appearance of a graceful bird descending in front of you might give you at the most 2-3 seconds of bliss and peace until one realizes that a Swan quirk does nothing. Flying is only a burden for this quirk in addition to the fact that most swans lack the average strength that birds their size should have.

3. Whole-Body Lens

Whole-Body Lens

Other than for illegal activities like peeping, accumulating blackmail, stalking, this quirk really can only be helpful if you are a reporter and run out of cameras or if you’re on a family trip and you forgot the camera at home. This quirk only provides one streamlined course of career options and doesn’t give much leeway as to how often one can use it. Even a Quirk ban seems useless in the face of this quirk.

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2. Attraction of Small Objects

deku mom

The famous quirk that we all saw in the first episode of the show, Izuku Midoriya’s mom might have one of the useless quirks in exist. The sheer miniscule amount of energy that it takes to get up out of a chair and pick something up takes nothing. This can honestly be a factor as to why Izuku’s mom gained so much weight using a pointless quirk like that. Attracting only small objects at a certain distance is a quirk that is fit for a lazy, bearded fat old man who lays on the couch all day.

1. Blade-Tooth


This quirk comes in No. 1 because it’s a foil for all the quirks on this list. Blade-Tooth was a quirk that only allowed the user to extend their teeth a few centimeters. However, with Overhaul’s quirk prototype serum, the user was able to grow his teeth into multiple meters. This brings the question of how much a quirk is able to evolve over time and if the serum accelerated the development of genes that governed that quirk.

There are definitely many useless quirks in this world but Blade-Tooth serves as an example of how quirks have the potential to grow and become something useful in the future.

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