Yesterday wo Utatte episode 4 release date Spoilers and Streaming details

And now, it’s time to get to know more about Haru, the third element of this drama between Rikuo and Shinako but, compared to them, a more active participant in this romantic and existentialist drama

Yesterday wo Utatte episode 3 Discussion (spoilers):

Funny enough, the drama this time was more present compared to the previous episodes but did not managed to give the same effect of these past ones. Despite that, it managed to showcase more about Haru’s inner struggles and life which was needed in order to give more layers to the story since she is shown to be a piece of the main cast and, until now, only Rikuo and Shinako were fleshed out, I would dare to say completely. Granted, it feels there is more stored for the story about Haru and all revealed so far is just the roots for something bigger.

The episode start with Haru telling Rikuo about the declaration of war she made to Shinako. Obviously, he is not very enthusiastic of such idea, however, the more they talk about it the more he realice Haru is on the same tune as him regarding starting a relationship AkA they do not expect much from the ones they love but are happy to just being by their side. Immediately a rains break through the moment and both part away.

Afterwards, due the rain, Rikuo catched a cold so he is absent from work. Unexpectedly, Shinako pays a surprise visit at his place while recovering, leaving some dishes she prepared for his case and sparing some of her time to take care of him, showing their connection was not cutted off completely and are in good terms for now.

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Once better, Rikuo is invited by Haru on a movie date, which he accepts. While waiting for the day of the date, the story shows Haru’s life, working as waitress and delivery girl in a restaurant bar, but also part of her background story, her parents are separated but also she lives alone and every once in a while goes to visit her mother. This time she went to met her future step-dad to which Haru gave her blessing and left her mother place like nothing happened.

Some time later, Shinako also ends up with a cold and this time Rikuo decide to pay back the favor by taking care of her. However, time pass and he realize that day was the movie date with Haru and already is beyond the screening time.

After desperately searching for her, he finds Haru at the stairs of Shinako place. While waiting for him at the cinema she suspected he was with Shinako, so she decide to verify her suspicions with Rikuo. After confirming it she storms off the place, hurt.

Afterwards, during a delivery gig, she realized just being there for Rikuo is not enough for her and wants to be something more than a friend for him but is afraid to be more bold with her advancements.

However, the opportunity appears when Rikuo casually appears on her way. Rikuo decide to take this encounter as a way to apologize about the movie date but Haru use it as a way to let him know more about her.

The episodes ends with her jokingly telling Rikuo she expects him to take care of her if she ever falls in illness.

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yesterday wo Utatte episode 4 predictions and Spoilers:

Pretty much I expect for future episodes to show more about Haru and how she plays into this war she declared, what will she do to gain Rikuo’s and how much her attitude will change to achieve that. Also, despite that I felt it gave a perfect closure in the previous episode, is expected that Rikuo and Shinako will definitely be on the spotlight again so is probably they will try to rebuild their connection again since this episode left clear they are still on good terms and Rikuo have not got over Shinako (just liker her with the high school crush).

yesterday wo Utatte episode 4 Release date and where to watch online:

Yesterday wo utatte is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and episode 4 will drop this Saturday 25th (UTC-5).

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