Black Clover director confirms that the next anime arc will begin soon

Rather than being shown in seasons of 12 or 24 episodes like most animes today, the Black Clover anime is shown weekly without breaks, similarly to older animes such as Naruto , Bleach and One Piece .

And while new episodes are released faithfully every week, it’s a great idea, eventually the anime will move closer to the current chapters of the manga, and that’s exactly what is happening with Black Clover.

To allow time for the manga’s story to unfold without pausing in the weekly anime, Black Clover is about to enter an unprecedented and exclusive anime arc, that is, this new story was not and will not be told in the manga.

Recently, Black Clover’s anime director Tatsuya Yoshihara shared on his Twitter profile that the new Black Clover arc will begin soon.

The news was given a thank you post to the people who follow the director.

“Thanks for getting me to 30,000 followers! The original arc of the Black Clover anime will be more interesting going forward. Please wait to see the training of leaders and Spiritual Guards, ”says the director’s tweet.

Although this new training arc is unique to the anime, Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata helped shape the story and events that are about to happen, so we can expect this new story to follow the quality standard of the manga arcs.

Black Clover tells the story of Asta, a boy who was born in a world where magic is everything. Asta dreams of being the Wizard King, the supreme leader of the magicians of his country, but he has a small problem: he has no aptitude for magic, whereas Yuno, his best friend, is simply a genius in magic.

Asta ends up gaining the power of Anti-Magic, and now he will prove to everyone that with willpower and determination he will be able to achieve his dream.

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Black Clover is shown weekly in Japan, and can be followed on Crunchyroll both in dubbed version and in its original language.

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