18 Dark Fantasy Anime that Will Give You Chills

Delve into the mesmerizing shades of dark fantasy anime, where vibrant hues are overcast by enigmatic magic, and a realm brimming with journeys takes a turn towards the shadowy unknown. Imagine, if you will, a realm not just illuminated by the whimsical presence of fairies but one that weaves a tale with threads of obscurity. We’re about to guide you through 18 of the most spine-chilling dark fantasy anime series that will escort you to an exhilarating reality!

Dark fantasy has long whispered its presence in the halls of fantasy lore, proposing a twist on the ordinarily pristine and flawless realms, transforming them into landscapes rich with complexity and depth.

These tales of dark fantasy are a mirror to reality, transmuting the textbook elements of bright fantasies – the sparkling fairies, the golden sunshine, the blossoming flowers, and the majestic castles – into a narrative that mirrors the true complexities of our own world.

That’s the catch with dark fantasy – it’s a siren song for those yearning to see a world burgeoning with novel challenges and deep-rooted bonds, yet they crave more. A utopia is a spectacle, indeed, but without real stakes, the characters’ evolution feels like a flatline. Dark fantasy injects the mystical allure of the supernatural with the gritty nuances of reality, spinning a web that’s at once darker and more exhilarating. Not all dark fantasies are about brooding skies, but each one shades in the details of existence we seldom encounter in conventional stories.

Best Dark Fantasy Anime


dark fantasy anime

When the whispers of dark fantasy begin, “Berserk” often takes center stage in the conversation. This is the saga of Guts, a battle-worn mercenary with a sword as heavy as his quest for meaning.

“Berserk” is the epitome of dark fantasy, where creatures like dragons and orcs are reimagined as nightmarish entities, each with a tale that could chill you to the bone.

But “Berserk” isn’t just a fan favorite for its visceral battles or profound character arcs; it’s the storytelling. It delves deep into the soul-searching journey of a warrior grappling with the gravity of his choices – the enemy slain with a family left to mourn, ships destroyed after years of toil, beasts slain for their primal instincts. “Berserk” faces the hard truths head-on, painted in strokes of gritty visuals and moral quandaries, earning its stripes as a pinnacle of dark fantasy narrative.

Made in Abyss

dark fantasy anime

Switching gears but not dimming the dark fantasy allure, “Made in Abyss” introduces us to Riko, an eager young girl, and Reg, a humanoid cyborg. Together, they embark on a descent into the Abyss – a colossal chasm that spirals into the earth, veiled in curses and lurking dangers.

While Riko’s quest is to trace the steps of her White-Whistle mother – a title bestowed upon the elite of adventurers – the journey is anything but child’s play. “Made in Abyss” may don a façade of innocence, perhaps something you’d consider for a younger audience’s watchlist, but don’t be fooled. The darkness encroaches subtly, weaving in a gripping narrative that’s as emotionally potent as it is visually stunning.

Ajin: Demi-Human: 

Ajin: Demi-Human

Imagine waking up after a truck plows into you, only to find out you’re immortal. That’s Kei Nagai’s life in a nutshell. Kei discovers he’s an “Ajin” – beings that can heal from any wound, basically ticking “never die” on their life’s application form. But it’s not all about popping back from the dead; Ajins are seen as freaks of nature, a threat to mankind’s very existence. The government hunts them like animals, which kind of puts a damper on Kei’s high school plans.

This anime takes a sharp left turn from your typical sword-and-sorcery fantasy and dives into a supernatural realm that’s chilling to the bone. Forget about your usual dark lords and dragons; Ajin makes you question what it means to be human in a world that’s anything but welcoming.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Step back into the soot and steam of the Industrial Revolution with a horrific twist – zombies! But we’re not talking your garden-variety undead. These ‘Kabane’ are like zombies on steroids, sporting hearts wrapped in iron and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Humans hunker down behind massive walls, living in a constant state of siege. Enter Ikoma, our hero who’s half-zombie, half-human after wrestling with the virus and living to tell the tale.

He’s a ‘Kabaneri’, straddling the line between the living and the undead. Along with a badass mysterious girl, they’re humanity’s last stand against the zombie hordes.

The anime has shades of ‘Attack on Titan‘, from its walled cities to the flesh-hungry beasts. Although it might not rank as high in the anime hall of fame, it grips you with its pace and characters faster than a Kabane chasing after a steam train.

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Now, meet Goblin Slayer – the man, the myth, the… well, goblin slayer. This guy’s got one item on his to-do list: annihilate goblins. He’s like that friend who only orders chicken nuggets at every restaurant. His name? Nobody knows. He’s just Goblin Slayer. Ranked pretty high up in the adventurer’s league, he’s got eyes only for goblin quests, all thanks to some nightmarish childhood trauma.

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Picture him as a goblin’s worst nightmare, doling out payback in their dank, dark lairs. His life takes a turn when a priestess gets a crush on his goblin-whacking style, and from there, he slowly builds a crew for larger-than-life goblin smackdowns.

This show walks you through a dark alley of the fantasy genre, with enough blood and terror to make the bravest hearts queasy. If you can stomach scenes that’ll make your skin crawl, this is your ticket to a wild ride. It’s raw, it’s brutal, and it’ll glue you to your seat – just maybe not while you’re eating.


Imagine living in a world where the scariest things hide in plain sight. That’s the reality in Claymore, where monstrous beings called “yomas” masquerade as humans to prey on them. The only line of defense? The Claymores, women who’ve traded their humanity for the power to fight these beasts, armed with their massive swords. Each one’s a fusion of human and yoma, a hybrid warrior with skills that would make an Olympic athlete green with envy.

Our girl Clare’s at the bottom of the Claymore food chain, but what she lacks in brute strength, she makes up for in grit. She’s got one mission: carve out a slice of the world where Claymores aren’t outcasts. Humans fear them, yomas loathe them, so where’s a girl with a giant sword to go? Clare’s journey is all about fighting for a cause without any promise of a gold medal at the end. It’s about finding your tribe in a world that says you don’t fit in. Trust me, Claymore is a roller coaster of emotions with a side of sisterhood that’ll have you cheering all the way through.

Garo: Seal of Flame

Garo: Seal of Flame

In the kingdom of Valliante, the Inquisition is like that overzealous neighborhood watch—except they’re burning folks at the stake. Little do the citizens know, the so-called witches and heretics are actually their heroes, the Makai Knights and Alchemists, battling the true bad guys: Horrors. Enter Leon Luis, a Makai Knight with a chip on his shoulder the size of his father’s sword, all thanks to the kingdom’s witch-hunt claiming his mother’s life.

The series cranks up the heat when we meet Alfonso, the king’s son, who’s a nice guy in a nasty situation. Betrayed and booted from his own home, he’s out to reclaim his throne and beat back the demonic deluge. Fate tosses Leon and Alfonso together, and the sparks from their swords aren’t the only things flying.

Garo doesn’t just serve up your standard dark fantasy fare; it dishes out a hearty helping of intrigue, friendship, and the age-old lesson of not believing everything you hear—especially if it’s from a kingdom with a penchant for pitchforks. It’s an underdog story with teeth, and though it may not snag the top spot on your anime leaderboard, it’s a scrappy fighter that deserves a round of applause.

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor

High schooler Sho Fukamachi’s life hits turbo when he stumbles upon an alien device called “Guyver.” It’s like finding the keys to a cosmic muscle car, granting him armor that would make any space invader think twice. Sho’s new duds come with perks: strength, speed, and a catalog of abilities that put your average superhero to shame. But with great power comes great… corporations wanting to weaponize you. That’s The Chronos Corporation for you, alien tech enthusiasts, and creators of Guyver’s knockoff—Zoanoids.

Sho’s schoolyard scuffles level up to epic battles as he faces off against an army of these Zoanoids, all hankering for his hi-tech suit. It’s not just about keeping his new bling, though. If Chronos gets their hands on all three Guyver units, it’s game over for planet Earth.

Guyver’s got that old-school anime vibe but throws you into the fray right outside your own backdoor—no medieval castles or dragon dens here, just suburban showdowns with an extraterrestrial twist. It’s a solid pick for a nostalgia trip that packs more punch than your Saturday morning cartoons. Plus, it’s got enough action to share with your younger anime apprentices without scaring them off.


In the secluded hamlet of Sotoba, nestled within nature’s embrace, the Yuki family sought refuge from urban clamor, yearning for the pure air of the countryside. Natsuno Yuki, however, finds himself a stranger to such rustic tranquility, his heart still tethered to the city’s vibrant hum. The stillness of Sotoba’s expanse, shrouded by the forest’s veil, offers little solace to his restless spirit.

Amid this backdrop, a young doctor assumes his late father’s mantle, helming the village’s modest clinic. Sotoba’s clock ticks to a languid rhythm, its days marked by a serenity that borders on the stagnant—until a chilling sequence of deaths disturbs the peace. The village’s quietude is shattered by a spate of sinister killings, uncommon for such a secluded locality. A schoolgirl, Magumi Shimizu, harbors an unrequited love for Natsuno before becoming the first casualty, followed by her best friend, Toru Muto.

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Dr. Toshio, the new clinic director, stands perplexed before this mysterious epidemic, while whispers of malevolent forces, perhaps vampiric in nature, begin to circulate. As fear grips the heart of Sotoba, Natsuno and Toshio find themselves entwined in the quest for truth, facing the enigmatic residents of a hilltop mansion who cast an ominous shadow over the village.



In the bygone days of the Heian period, amidst the tapestry of Japan’s aristocratic zenith, two monks, Kuro and Benkei, find themselves fugitives from relentless pursuers. Seeking refuge as dusk encroaches, they come upon a desolate abode, a silent sentinel amid their path. Kuro, of noble blood now sullied by intrigue and betrayal, bears a countenance marked by nobility and the weight of his lineage. His loyal companion Benkei stands by him, a steadfast guardian against the tide of assassins that seek Kuro’s demise.

Within the walls of abandonment, Kuro finds his heart ensnared by an emotion as foreign as it is fervent—love blooms for Kuromitsu, the enigmatic woman who offers them sanctuary. Her allure is as timeless as the secret she harbors, a youth unmarred by the years, coveted by shadowy figures who hunger for its essence. Bound by their shared plight, the trio’s fates become irrevocably intertwined, their destiny a harbinger of an epochal doom that looms over humanity.

Tokyo Ghoul

dark fantasy anime

Within Tokyo’s labyrinthine streets, Kaneki Ken, a shy student of Japanese Literature at Kamii University, lives a life of quiet scholarship. Venturing out of his cocoon, he finds himself entranced by a fellow literature aficionado, only to be ensnared in a macabre twist of fate. A kiss, anticipated as a symbol of romantic culmination, becomes a bite of transformation—Kaneki is thrust into the abyss of the ghouls.

Miraculously surviving the encounter and a subsequent accident, Kaneki awakens to a hybrid existence, part-human, part-ghoul, with organs that compel him toward a monstrous reality he never imagined. He grapples with his new identity, caught in the crossfire of ghoul politics and the struggle to protect those he holds dear.

Unlike the archetypical hero’s journey that unfolds in measured steps, Kaneki’s metamorphosis is abrupt, wrenching him from gentle passivity into a vortex of inner turmoil. His evolution from frailty to fortitude, driven by the desire to shield his loved ones, is not just a journey of power but a transformative quest of self-discovery. Witness the evolution of Kaneki as he emerges from his chrysalis, a man wrestling with his humanity, perpetually in flux, ever-seeking a place amidst the chaos.

Attack on Titan

dark fantasy anime

In an epoch where humanity skirts the precipice of obliteration, monstrous entities known as Titans have herded civilization into the confines of towering, concentric fortifications. These behemoths, devoid of reason and ravenous for human flesh, indulge in slaughter as if a sport, compelling mankind to cower behind immense walls. Within this sanctuary, generations have thrived, blissfully ignorant of the terrors that prowl beyond their colossal ramparts.

But tranquility is a fragile veneer, and like the fragile dusting of a moth’s wings, it disintegrates when a titan of immense proportions breaches the outer wall. That catastrophic event rekindles the smoldering battle for survival, and amidst this turmoil, young Eren Jaeger beholds the nightmarish scene of his mother’s demise at the hands of these grotesqueries. Fuelled by vengeance, Eren vows eradication of all Titans, his resolve unyielding.

His path leads him to the Survey Corps, the vanguard of humanity’s exploration and defense against the Titans. Together with his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackermann and their childhood companion Armin Arlert, they plunge into a grueling conflict, a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. Attack on Titan evolves from a mere shounen to a saga heralded as one of the most profound narratives in the annals of anime and manga, masterfully crafted by Hajime Isayama. The series unravels the enigma of the Titans, humanity’s enclosure, and the world beyond, weaving an intricate tale of dystopian reality.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

dark fantasy anime

In the guise of a subversive fairy tale, Puella Magi Madoka Magica reimagines the magical girl genre with a grim twist. Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki, typical middle schoolers, are drawn into a labyrinthine game of fate by the aloof transfer student Homura Akemi and the cryptic creature Kyuubey, who offers them a Faustian bargain: any wish granted in exchange for combating witches as magical girls.

Homura’s forewarnings hint at the grave price of their newfound powers, peeling back layers of illusion to reveal a realm where dreams intertwine with despair. Puella Magi Madoka Magica deconstructs the idyllic notions of magical girl narratives, presenting a tale where hope is inextricably linked with sorrow, and the cost of ambition bears an unimaginable toll on the soul.

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Girls’ Last Tour

dark fantasy anime

In the silence of a cityscape devoid of life, Chito and Yuuri navigate the ruins of civilization aboard their trusty motorbike. ‘Girls’ Last Tour’ chronicles their journey through the remnants of a world that once bustled with humanity’s presence. As the sole survivors, they scavenge the relics of a bygone society, their solitude punctuated by fleeting moments of joy and the quietude of companionship.

This narrative explores the spectrum of emotions in the wake of apocalypse—desolation, listlessness, but also the tenacity of joy and the sanctity of friendship. Unlike other dark fantasies steeped in dread and despair, ‘Girls’ Last Tour’ offers a poignant reflection on finding contentment and meaning amid desolation. It is a tale of hope and perseverance, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, life can offer moments of simplicity and happiness.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

dark fantasy anime

In the universe of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, alchemy is not just a mystical art but a science governed by the unyielding law of equivalent exchange. This cardinal principle dictates that to gain something, something of equal value must be sacrificed. The young Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, learn the horrific consequences of ignoring this law when they attempt the forbidden: human transmutation, to resurrect their deceased mother.

Their punishment is severe and inescapably literal: Edward forfeits a leg, and Alphonse his entire body. In a frantic bid to save his brother, Edward sacrifices an arm to bind Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor. Thus begins their odyssey for the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary artifact that promises the power to circumvent the rules of alchemy and restore what they’ve lost.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a triumph of storytelling, melding dark fantasy with a rich tapestry of drama, action, and philosophical queries about existence and sacrifice. It’s a tale that delves into the depths of human experience, from the agony of loss to the complexities of morality within a militaristic society. The series challenges perceptions of truth and the divine, casting the pursuit of knowledge and the cost of ambition in a poignant, often brutal, light.


dark fantasy anime

In D.Gray-Man, the world is imperiled by the sinister Millennium Earl, a purveyor of despair who exploits the sorrow of the bereaved to create Akuma—weapons forged from trapped souls. These Akuma are compelled to kill, perpetuating a cycle of tragedy and death. The only salvation lies with Exorcists, wielders of the divine substance ‘Innocence’, capable of purifying these damned souls.

Allen Walker, a young initiate with a cursed eye that can detect the tormented Akuma, joins the ranks of the Black Order to confront the burgeoning threat of the Earl and his abominable creations. This dark fantasy anime intricately weaves themes of grief and the value of life against a backdrop of gothic horror and action. The conflict with the Akuma poses both a physical and moral quandary, highlighting the inherent tragedy in destroying what was once human, now corrupted beyond recognition.

17. Overlord

Overlord twists the typical isekai narrative by casting its protagonist, who finds himself trapped in the body of his game avatar, a powerful and feared skeletal “Overlord,” in a world resembling the virtual one he knew. However, with no apparent way to return to reality, he embraces his role as the ruler of this new domain.

What sets Overlord apart is its morally ambiguous lead, Ainz Ooal Gown, who strays far from the archetypal hero. His actions are often ruthless and self-serving, as he and his loyal NPC subordinates carry out plans with cold efficiency, showing the darkness and pragmatism that come with wielding absolute power. This series delves into the psyche of an ‘anti-hero’ and the dynamics of a world that operates on the logic of a game, yet is as real and complex as any other.

18. Jewelry Country

dark fantasy anime

Land of the Lustrous presents a hauntingly beautiful world where sentient gem-beings endure in the aftermath of humanity’s extinction. Their struggle for survival against the lunar entities that seek to destroy them adds a layer of melancholy to the series’ aesthetic splendor.

This series distinguishes itself by not heavily dwelling on the dark aspects of its setting, instead allowing the viewer’s imagination to grapple with the implications of its world-building. The elegance of the gem-people and the serene desolation of their environment are juxtaposed with the unspoken horror of their situation, crafting an atmosphere that is both ethereal and unsettling.

Land of the Lustrous (known as “Houseki no Kuni” in Japanese) is a contemplative and visually stunning piece that resonates with themes of identity, purpose, and the search for meaning in a world that seems indifferent to individual suffering. It’s a unique twist on dark fantasy, emphasizing existential dread over more conventional horror, and leaving viewers with a sense of sublime disquiet.

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