Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 7: Release date, Preview and watch online

Hey everyone! This post will discuss Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 7 as well as the recent episode of the anime adaptation of the very popular web series Tower of God. This post will contain spoilers for the latest episode, so please make sure that you’ve caught up with the anime before reading on!

Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 6 Discussion:

Information overload. This is what Episode 6 of Tower of God entailed. The episode started with Rachel tending to an injured Bam(who by the way slept for five days) and asking Khun to not tell Bam about her real identity to keep Bam, the guy who is climbing the tower only to meet Rachel, away from her. Rachel is then shown alone in her room, thinking about Bam .Khun, who deems Rachel as self indulgent lies to Bam so that he doesn’t get hurt.

A new role system is introduced where the five roles are Fisherman, Spear bearer, Light bearer, Scout and Wave Controller along with a shift in team structure to a five person team. Bam is assigned to be a Wave Controller, a sort of a leader of the team who controls Shinsu and is off training a day after he wakes up to later attend the Position test. Khun looks up info as a Light bearer trainee and Rak is learning to throw spears better as a Spear bearer. We also get some funny moments of Shibisu trying to befriend people as a part of his Scout training while Khun and Hatz build up a minor rivalry. Endorsi Jahad is revealed to be a Jahad Princess and is being targeted by Anaak Jahad who hasn’t been able to make Black March obey her yet. Things take an intriguing turn as Khun, during his Light bearer training looks up information on Anaak Jahad and discovers that the real Anaak Jahad is dead while at the Fisherman training area, Endorsi is attacked by Anaak.

After a rather interesting battle where Anaak who throws a spear as well as uses Shinsu to try and defeat Endorsi, is easily defeated by Endorsi by being thrown to the ground. Endorsi questions Anaak’s identity and reveals her to be the daughter of the original Anaak Jahad who was a Jahad Princess. Anaak junior then shockingly reveals that her mother who married a cook was killed by the other Princesses of Jahad and that she’s climbing the tower to take revenge on them. While the episode maintained a decent pace throughout, Anaak’s revelation did seem a bit rushed.

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Tower of God has been consistently doing a good job of sticking to a decent pace and not making the episodes feel dragged out. While a lot of information was revealed this episode, including facts like Jahad Princess Yuri being a Fisherman and other rules that Jahad Princesses have to follow, it didn’t feel too overwhelming. The characterisation was also well done in the episode with Khun growing to care more about Bam and other side characters getting more spotlight. Rachel is shaping up to be a flawed character but that’s also what’s making her more interesting.

Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 7 Release date and details:

Looks like Episode 7 of Tower of God will have a major battle between Anaak and Endorsi as Anaak doesn’t look like she’s done fighting. We will probably also get more insight into why the Jahad Princesses killed the real Anaak Jahad. Endorsi, as of now, doesn’t look like she was involved in the murder. We might also get more information about what Rachel’s true goals are. I think the next episode will give us more glimpses of the characters training. We might also get to know why the Shinsu of the floor referred to Bam’s contract as shackles.

Tower of God Episode 7 will get released on the 13th of May. So what did you guys think if Episode 6 of Tower of God? Is Rachel evil? Was Khun right in hiding the truth from Bam? What is the truth about Anaak Jahad’s death? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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