Kimetsu no Yaiba 204: Is this the end?

Hey Guys! Kimetsu no Yaiba 204 is on a break again and the official licenser of the manga has revealed that we will have to bid good bye to our favorite boy Tanjiro and his gang of demon slayer friends very soon. Kny: Demon Slayer will end this month, probably next week on the 10th of May. As we wait for Kimetsu no Yaiba 204, does it feel like the manga is leaving us is a bit too soon?


I got into Kimetsu no Yaiba expecting a story about an adventurous kid trying to be the next top dog in the demon slayer game but was surprised to find a rather grim and dangerous story about a child trying to kill a thousand-year-old demon to protect the only family he has left alive. About kids getting their heads crushes and getting eaten alive in their quest to kill man eating demons. Demon Slayer was always a story about survival, not an adventure. While it had it’s tiny share of funny moments, there was always a sense of danger lurking around our main characters. Favorite characters were getting killed off left and right which usually isn’t found in shonen.

I liked how the author shaped the narrative: fast-paced and urgent. It came to a point where even the main character looked like he was going to die. I was almost sure he would die until Muzan decided to make him the next demon king. Tanjiro becoming a demon was one of the most interesting developments in the manga. He became the perfect being. A being that Muzan was trying to create for centuries. A being to create whom numerous people including Tanjiro’s family, had been killed.

It was also a rather ironic development in Kny 204. The kindest demon slayer becoming the most fearsome demon ever. It was also a wonderful opportunity to maybe explore his psyche as a demon. It was an opportunity to see how demonification affected somebody as gentle as Tanjiro. To see if how he would fare in the future as a demon, especially since he didn’t try to eat Nezuko. Maybe we needed a bit more time to fully understand what the perfect being was capable of.

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All this goes for a toss in kny Chapter 203 as Tanjiro turns back into a human with the single dose of a drug, one whose existence wasn’t even known to the readers until the previous Chapter. Calling it shoddy writing won’t be overly cruel. While Chapter 203 was very emotional with all our favorite dead Hashira’s pushing Tanjiro away from Muzan with all the beautiful art, It is indeed disappointing to see this development getting thwarted as soon as it happened and to realize that it was merely a plot device to heal the protagonist of all his injuries. Demon slayer proved, with that single chapter, why it belonged in the shounen genre.

The manga which had an almost melancholic tone throughout where even characters like Giyu and Kanao have near crippling injuries and others like Genya, Obanai and Mitsuri died young, suddenly chooses to embrace the usual Shonen trope of main character plot armor when it came to Tanjiro with him ultimately getting out of the big fight with not even a single scratch on him and getting a happy ending with his sister while all the others either have serious or crippling injuries or have lost loved ones. (The scene of Yushiro clutching onto Tamayo’s hairpin and breaking down was especially hard-hitting.)


While it’s almost been confirmed that Kimetsu no Yaiba 204 will be the last chapter of Tanjiro’s story what does it mean for the characters? We will see them mourning others like Kagaya, Shinobu, Himejima, Genya, Mitsuri, Obanai etc. And we might also see Tanjiro going back to his hometown with his sister, Giyu and his friends. I am interested to see what Yushiro might continue being a doctor and treat people like Tamayo did.

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I am also curious about some of the other minor demons that might still be alive and of course, the Blue Spider Lily. And what does Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 204 mean for the manga? There are speculations among the fans that Kimetsu no Yaiba will get a sequel. There are others who speculate that the author is working on something new.

Unfortunately, though, there have been no announcements about either of them but both these possibilities are very intriguing. As a fan, I don’t want to bid goodbye to Kny, Tanjiro and his Hashira gang yet and even though we didn’t get to see more of Demonjiro, I am happy that the manga was not unnecessarily dragged into becoming something loathsome like some of the other popular shonen

The manga ends as a decently developed, well-rounded story. More importantly, the manga ends as and when the author wants it to. It’s very sad to see some of our favorite characters go. It leaves a void. But It’s very important that we respect the author and the author’s decisions even if we are critical of them.

The author has been getting a lot of hate online for the manga’s short run. Do they deserve this? Definitely not. For all we know, the author themselves might be emotional about the end of their work. Rather than hate messages, what the author deserves is a pat on the back for taking us along this wonderful adventure. Kimetsu no Yaiba 204, said to be the last chapter if the manga, will release on the 10th of May. So don’t miss it! How do you feel about the manga’s supposed end? Is it too soon? Or do you want more? Will we see a sequel to Kimetsu no Yaiba? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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