One Piece 979 Raw, One Piece Chapter 979 Spoilers and Release date

Hey Guys! We’re back again this week to rant about the crazy developments that happened in the recent chapter and discuss one Piece 979. As usual, if you aren’t up to date with the manga series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions and a source to read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 978 Discussion:

In the cover page, it is shown that Lola and Chiffon are reunited, but although it’s almost over, there’s still the impending marines that will try to attack them.

The Nine Red Scabbards Kin’emon and Denjiro (along with all their followers), the Straw Hats, and Kid go in their ships to the secret entrance to Onigashima. Inside of Law’s submarine are the Heart Pirates and the rest of the Nine Red Scabbards, besides Inuarashi, who will presumably lead troops around the mountain. They’re inside Law’s submarine because the Nine Red Scabbards there will be teleported to the others when they meet at the back of the island, where Kaido is.

One Piece 979
Fan color by u/birusse

There is so much things that are here, notably a GIANT sword. The giant sword could quite possibly belong to the person who had the giant skull. There is also two giant fox statues that is of a komagitsune, like Onimaru. Another thing worth mentioning is that there are tori gates that lead up to inside the skull. Tori gates in real life mark the transition from Earth to the more holy. The Shinto shrine could be right there in the middle of the water or it could be inside the skull.

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Kanjiro brings to light that no one’s there and decides they have no choice but to continue and not think too hard of why Kanjuro hasn’t reported to them. Usopp quickly notices guards from the corner of his eye in his binoculars, which could mean he has observation haki. The guards didn’t think twice that there were being raided because one: they were drunk and two: they haven’t gotten a report that there were raiders.

Kin’emon makes his followers get out of all of their newly-built boats and sinks them all because A. the enemies will notice they’re being raided too early and B. to symbolize there is no retreating and this is their only chance at victory. Luffy is shocked, Usopp is scared because of this, and Chopper asks if they have to sink their ship too, but Franky basically says “Hell no!” Jinbe says that they can still hide some ships.

Kin’emon uses his devil fruit power to make everyone dress as the enemy as they pass through a gate. This fits the Kid Pirates well because that’s something they’d dress as. The new disguises will wear off when they get damaged or taken off. All the Straw Hats but Robin, Usopp, Jinbe, and Carrot are shown in their disguises. Nami looks smoking hot and Sanji thinks so too. Kin’emon also encourages his men.

One Piece 979
The Straw Hats’ disguises

It cuts to Queen doing his amazing dance, the Yearly Golden Kagura. A kagura is a Shinto ritual ceremonial dance. This is in where all the members of the Beast Pirates are gathered, which is multi-layered, has trees, and is huge. The members’ divisions are announced when Queen asks for them to respond.

Waiters: The ones who wait for Smiles.

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Pleasurers: The ones who gambled by eating a Smile and lost.

Gifters: The ones who gained their powers through a Smile.

Headliners: The ones who are the elite Gifters.

Numbers: The monsters.

The Samurai Patrol: Orochi’s group.

It is also revealed that Big Mom’s children are on Onigashima. Queen calls the Tobi Roppo “rascals” after they didn’t respond in his song.

All of the Tobi Roppo are named after card games, except X Drake (his nickname might refer to one though). It’s also predicted that they all have Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits that are of a dinosaur because X Drake has one and their appearances aren’t different, so no Smiles.

The Tobi Roppo are all shown and Page One starts discussing about who would be the next all star after Queen dies. Black Maria says you’d think it’d be him. X Drake says he’s not interested, but then Sasaki says for both Ulti and Page One to leave the group so that everyone’s grateful because they’re annoying. Page One is called “Oji-san” by Ulti as a means to say that he’s older than her in a mocking tone. They were called there together because of an important matter by Kaido, which Ulti says that Kaido is dumb because it’s about another family problem of his. Everyone is angry at her for her saying that she went too far.

One Piece chapter 979 Predictions:

There will, of course, be more action unfolding as they all wreak havoc in Onigashima, making their way to Kaido. There probably won’t be any Law action for a while in One piece 979, though.

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We still haven’t heard of Kanjuro saying that they are being invaded to the higher ups or Kaido, so we might get to see Kanjuro tell them that they’re being invaded. Even if Denjiro does this, they will still be confused on who are part of their crew and who are the invaders because they’re are all disguised as them.

Hopefully there will be more information about why the Tobi Roppo were summoned by Kaido in One Piece 979. It would be amazing if we could see Kaido’s son too.

One Piece chapter 979 Release Date:

One Piece will take a break for a little while because of Golden Week, so expect chapter 979 released officially next week on May 10th in the United States on Viz, and spoilers/scans of it to be released on Reddit until the chapter is out. Also note that there will be more leaks than usual because chapters get leaked more on Golden Week and will probably have a fan translated chapter out before the official release.

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