Gleipnir episode 6 release date, where to watch online English sub

hey Guys! Today’s post is about Gleipnir Episode 6. Now is time to put Shuiichi and Claire teamwork to test by facing other gatherers in this bloody scavenge journey for the alien coins.

Gleipnir episode 5 recap (spoiler) :

The quality of the production on the fight dropped a bit however the dynamics were still entertaining and the production was still decent to above average on the non-fighting sections.

On the other hand, most of the episode action focused but also served to introduce the dynamic of other gatheres but also the ones that are not on the scavenge hunt.

Before focusing in the protagonists, the episode start with a random gatherer wandering in the forest until she meets with another gatherer who claim she is in his territory at the time she noticed some sort of logo painted as a mark. The gatherer gives her the options of either join or die to which she decide to fight him and his companions who showed up and then cuts when theh started to fight.

Back with our protagonists they wander around the forests looking for those coins and reflecting about the mortal risks of taking part on this scavenge, however it did not took them long before facing another monster.

After some thought from both, Shuiichi and Claire decide to face it, obviously in Shuiichi’s monster form with Claire inside him. First they try to lure it into becoming an ally but the monster refuse and reveal he is not there to collect coins but to fight monster stonger than him so he can be strongest, so they fight.

Since the first moment they se it both of them, Shuiichi and Claire, knew it was way stronger than both so the odds were not in their favor, until they decide to use the gun and actually managed to hurt it. Is then that he reveals it’s human form, a buffed university student named Sanbe, he thanks them for taking this fight seriously and return to his monster form to fight.

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Despite being injured Sanbe returns to his monster form and the fight resume with still the odds against them and in favor of Sanbe.
However, in the end, after running away from a attack Shuiichi and Claire split up and when Shuiichi found Sanbe he hold him and Claire appears from his behind with the gun. Despite being bigger than Claire, putting her life at risk if she shoot it, her gaze was willingly to do it so Sanbe give up at the end, surprised that he was fighting two people this whole time, one a monster and the other a human.

Afterward he becomes his ally but they are abruptly interrupted by another monster who claims is in their zone and the logo from early shows up. The monster threaten them with blackmailing with pictures taken from a cellphobe it is holding.

However, Sanbe, despite his condition, transform again and kills it in one hit. Claire laughs because she believed all the monster were as challenging as Sanbe.

The episode ends with Claire checking the phone of the slaughtered monster.

Gleipnir episode 6 and what to expect (spoilers) :

Definitely what Claire is going to do with the people she saw from the cellphone of the deceased monster, what Sanbe will give to the Shuiichi and Claire team and if the owners of the territory they are now will cause them more problems in the future.

Besides expecting more stuff regarding Elena, the alien and even probably the owners of the territory where the story is currently unfolding.

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Gleipnir episode 6 release date and where to watch:

Gleipnir is simulcasted by Funimation and Animelab and Gleipnir episode 6 is expected to drop this Sunday’s tenth (UTC-5).

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