How to make a library in Minecraft

Libraries are much more than a decorative object when it comes to Minecraft . In Mojang’s game they are essential to have access to more enchantments . To do this, you have to place one or more bookshelves near the enchantment table.

On paper it may seem difficult to craft a library, however it is quite easy. The most difficult thing would be to obtain the materials to make a few books . Otherwise, you only need an ax to get wood. With that said, let’s see how to craft a library step by step.

How to make a library

If you want to build a library you need three books and three tables . To make a book, you need three sheets of paper and a piece of leather. Not sure where to get the materials? You have a very complete guide where we explain how to make a book . In this case, for three books you have to get nine sheets and three pieces of leather.

How to make a library in Minecraft
Books and tables, it is all you need to make a bookcase

Once you have the three books, you only need the wooden boards. They are very easy to get. As I mentioned earlier, you need an ax to cut down trees. Finally, you have to put the pieces of wood on the work table to turn them into boards. Once done, on the same work table you have to put the books and tables as in the image above to craft a bookcase.

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