How to make concrete in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you can build anything you want, so the concrete blocks could not be missing. They are very useful when creating all kinds of buildings and on top of that they can be colored. If you have never crafted one of these blocks you should know one thing, you need white cement.

Making a concrete block is very easy, the difficult thing is to get white cement . By the way, to make one of these blocks you don’t need the work table. The table is only needed to make white cement. Well, let’s see how to make powder and then craft blocks.

How to make white cement

First of all and most important, you have to get sand and gravel. There is sand in any desert, on the shore of some rivers and beaches. As for gravel, there are in the mountains and also in the Nether. You need four gravel and four sand. Finally, you have to kill skeletons to obtain ground bones that you must then turn into dye. If you wish, you can substitute the white dye for another color dye.

How to make concrete in Minecraft

Once you have all the materials you can go to the work table . You have to place each of the materials in the same way as in the image above. It is done! Now that you have white cement you have to turn it into concrete blocks.

How to make concrete

Time to turn white cement into concrete. Well, for this, you just have to wet the cement and you will get concrete blocks . When you put the cement in the water you will see that it changes color and becomes whiter. If you need a lot of concrete blocks repeat the whole process.

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