Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 178 Spoilers, Predictions and release date :

Hello everyone, Today we’ll be discussing Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 178. Spoilers, predictions and Release Date are given below. if you feel you’re not catching up and don’t like spoilers feel free to leave the post. Otherwise, keep reading

Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 177 Discussion :

Last week Chapeter 177 came out, last time we left with the Number 1 Otaku, Ishigami Yū took the spotlight once’s again, After that victory in the volleyball game, she agreed to date Him, but then another challenge came with it, where should they go and what to do on said date? Looking for advice he asked for help from the girl he trusts the most, Kaguya. Ishigami’s ideas for a Date where romantic yet awkward when thinking about them too much, specially for a first date. I like Ishigmi’s character development a lot, yes sometime so he can be socially awkward, but he is a hopeless romantic who is serious about his feelings for Tsubame, he loves her, he isnt fooling around. Remember that when he had a chance of getting more intimate with her he said no, not because he didn’t want to, didnt love her or out of fear, but rather because if he doesn’t have sex with someone he wants that to be a mutual expression of affection, a way of showing love by conecting in both a physical and emotional level. He is serious about this and his love is a pure one, he is sensitve but as stated before, he doesn’t get social cues and doesn’t now how to interact with tsubame very well,he has low self esteem and become self around her. despite that he is trying hard in his search for true love.

Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 178

Back to the date planning, Kaguya recommended going’s tin Disney but that idea was brushed aside when at her home Hayakasa conviced kaguya that it was a terrible idea due to man things that could go wrong. In the end Kaguya followed Hayasaka’s advice of having Yū and Tsubame go on a date in Yokohama(while agreeing to this Kaguya made Tsubame feel embarrassed about her date fantasies and how she doesn’t have experience when it comes to relationships). Ishigami agreed but not before making some adjustments and comments on how it was clear that the one who came up with the idea hasn’t been on any date or even visited Yokohama which made Hayaska(who was secretly listening to Yū and Kaguya’s conversation) mad enough to throw a ball at his face and run away.

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Finally we got sad news, A text from Hayasaka ‘s another revealed that in the near future Hayasaka will leave Kaguya’s side. It will be a difficult situation for both of them, Hayasaka is one of Kaguya’s closest friends and has been with her for a long time, Also Hayasaka, in soite of being hurt by Kaguya ‘s recent attitudes still cares deeply for her and considers their bond as one of friendship, it hurts to leave but at least she knows that now Kaguya will be able to get through this, she has friends and a Boyt, she isn’t no longer alone and her heart began to heal.

Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 178 :

Next chapter most likely we’ll get to see Ishigami and Tsubame in their date, hope we’ll also get to see how both Tsubame and Ino(who seems to have some sort of particular affection for Yū) feel about this.

Will Hayasaka tell Kaguya about her departure or try to hide it from her for a bit? as we come closer to the ch 180 many other questions arise like the one concerning Tsubasa and “the Doctor’s curse”, also the Kyoto trip is soon to come. Akasaka-Sensei said we are up for a longboard ride and most likely a new and really shocking chapter is Just around the corner.

Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 178 Release date :

Kaguya-Sama Love is war Chapter 178 is scheduled to be released this Friday, February 21, 2020. The chapter is available now. you can read it here.

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