Dr. Stone Chapter 140 Spoilers, Predictions, and Release Date

Hello, fellow stoners! (that didn’t come out right). Today we will be sharing some spoilers on Dr. Stone Chapter 140, as well as some predictions on where our gang of protagonists is heading. Beware, if you feel like you do not want this chapter spoiled, please feel free to read it, come back and then read our predictions. If you’re all caught up, let’s start.

Dr. Stone Chapter 139 Discussion (SPOILERS)

Chapter 138 ended on a mind-boggling revelation that shook the Reddit fanbase to its core. Why-man, an enigmatic and mysterious figure, was revealed to sound like Senku, uttering commands to the newly-acquired petrification device, Medusa. Chapter 139 opens up with our heroes (as if on Dr. Stones subreddit) suggesting theories on who is this Why-man, where is he and what are his intentions. The voice is being repeated at a regular interval, and our Kingdom of Science’s resident sonar operator Ukyo reveals that it is a synthetic voice. Soyuz seems to vaguely recognize medusa’s shape while Kirisame and Kohaku spar. The team later notices that a statue that Taiju picked up from the bottom of the ocean has a medusa-shaped tattoo on its arm. One vial of revival fluid later and Matsukase arrives on the scene! Matsukase confuses Ginro with his long lost lord and then reveals that the island was once a peaceful place until numerous medusas fell from the sky in a cataclysmic event (insert mindblowing image here).

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Dr. Stone chapter 140

With the acquisition of a Parabolic antenna, Senku is finally able to determine Why-Man’s location: the MOON. Fellow stoners (it’s catching on huh?) our kingdom of science is going to the moon.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 140 predictions :

The final frontier, the moon, and maybe our final arc. Our kingdom of heaven has determined their next goal which seems to point to Dr. Stone possible endgame. Reaching the moon would bring Senku into our modern age of space exploration. Not only that, but he would finally surpass Byakuya and maybe even find Rei (a character from Dr. Stone’s spin-off). The moon might be a long way away but, as we’ve seen from past chapters, as soon as Senku designates a goal you can be sure that he will do anything in his power (and the power of his friends) to achieve it.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 140 Release date

For all of you Shonen Jump followers, Dr. Stone Chapter 140 is scheduled to release on February 21st. A mere 4 days away, so get psyched! What do you guys think is Senku’s first step on his journey to the moon? Will this be our final arc or will we see our team go further than the moon? I am really excited to read through your comments. Thank you for reading and make sure you come back for our discussion of Dr. Stone Chapter 140.

You can Read the chapter Here.

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