Kaiju no.8 Chapter 20 Spoilers and Raw Scans Release date

Ey up guys. I tried to get up in time for the gym this morning but I overslept and had to get everything together in like 10 minutes. Typical ey. Anyway below you’ll find discussion and spoilers regarding the most recent chapter of Monster #8. Enjoy!

Kaiju no.8 Chapter 19 Discussion:

So we start off with a mini flashback of Kafka telling Kikoru he’s going to search for Reno and Iharu. We know how that turned out, and we see Kikoru reacting to the report that Monster #8 (i.e. Kafka) had been found. Obviously she is very worried for Kafka knowing what lies ahead. We see Kafka facing the other troops when he realises Plate-Head (the other humanoid Kaiju) has healed and hopped out of immediate range before he instead opens fire on the other troops. Kafka jumps in the way to defend them then as he turns back he realises Plate-Head has escaped. He then makes his own escape jumping away, glancing over to see that Reno and Iharu and being tended to, much to his relief.

He goes into an alley to re-transform into his human self when he realises there is someone behind him. But not just anyone…….Vice Commander Hoshina. It was at this point Kafka proceeded to shit himself. OK maybe not but his face says it all. Hoshina tells command he is in contact with Monster #8, to which Kikoru and Reno are equally worried for Kafka too. The next page is Hoshina launching an attack on Kafka, who is shocked at how fast he is as he is nearly hit by Hoshina’s blades.

As Kafka continues to dodge he recalls Hoshina’s previous comment about being able to take smaller Kaiju, and thinks how he had only ever seen Hoshina as a smiling happy guy but seeing him as the cold blooded killer now is scaring Kafka. The chapter ends with Hoshina declaring he can’t hold back and requests to have the limiters on the suit removed. Permission is granted and now Hoshina prepares to use 92%. Oooooooh……..shit.

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This was a good chapter, it wasn’t as enjoyable as the last one but to be fair the last chapter was an insane fight chapter this was kind of an in between. Not that it was a bad chapter it just wasn’t as hype as chapter 18. But it was still fun, seeing Hoshina go into “serious mode” was great because as Kafka said we’ve only seen him happy but I always had a feeling he had a sadistic side…..he smiles sure but the way he does kind of reminds me of Gin Ichimaru of Bleach…….sure he’s smiling but there’s something unsettling about it, you kind of don’t trust it. Though not as much as Gin you pretty much immediately knew he was untrustworthy (if the smile didn’t give it away the voice certainly did), Hoshina seems like he can be trusted just that he’d be rather odd. Maybe a guy on a night out who is rather harmless just might pull some insane shit without anyone expecting it. That went off on a weird tangent but whatever

Kaiju no.8 Chapter 20 Spoilers & Analysis:

So we’re going to see just how insane a nearly full power Hoshina is. Given Kafka could barely dodge his attacks already I think he’s going to immediately get the shit beaten out of him ten ways to Sunday and back. But I don’t think he’ll be killed cos duh he’s the protagonist. I do wonder if he’ll be captured, it depends how long this series is going to go for. If it’s a short series I could see him being captured in the next few chapters but I don’t see that happening just yet.

I don’t know how he could escape but he likely will. But just how he will be able to hide his identity is another question, Hoshina already suspects him and I don’t know how he could really weasel his way out of that one. Or perhaps instead Hoshina will feign ignorance. If he does that he may be planning to lure Kafka into a false sense of senstivity before revealing a “case” against him pretty much definitively proving Kafka is Monster #8. But in fairness it’s not like Kafka made it hard for him he’s not been exactly been much good at hiding it so far has he. I could see Kikoru trying to jump in to defend Kafka though I’m not sure how she could talk her way out of that one either.

See also  Kaiju no.8 Chapter 19 Spoilers and Raw Scans Release date

Kaiju no.8 Chapter 20 release date:

Usually the latest Kaiju no.8 chapters are released on their Shueisha and VIZ Media platforms. The next chapter will be released on 10th of December and fans will start discussing the spoilers on our Reddit sub.

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