Black Clover: A jumble of theories and ideas crammed into a post

Ey up guys. So there’s no new chapter this week but I felt like doing something to kill the time in between. So here’s a bunch of ideas I’ve gone over/contemplated over time. Some theories some just I kinda liked this idea even if there is no proof it’s nice to contemplate.

Theorie 1: Julius will utilise a time travel spell

black clover Julius

I’m not the biggest fan of time travel plots. They can be great but it’s something that dependent on the series/setting I can lose interest.

When Julius was revealed to be alive, initially I was hesitant. But then it clicked; Julius has Time Magic. It’s not implausible that he has a Time Travel Spell in his repertoire. I think this is why Tabata kept Julius around. His Mana level is significantly lower now that he used the vast majority of it to not die. My theory is he will use all the mana he has left to cast a Time Travel Spell to use on one or several characters. There’s two ways to go about this. Either he will send some characters into the past, to find out the “truth” about some plot thread, or secure a weapon or way to defeat some enemy.

I feel if they do chances are we’ll go back to 500 years ago and see Lumiere again. Hell if Secre is one of the ones sent back it could make for some very moving scenes. Or there is the more likely second option, things will go disastrously wrong against some future villain and in a desperate last ditch attempt Julius will cast this spell to send a small rag tag team into the future to try to secure a chance of victory. Then we get a time-skip or sorts and this team will arrive in the future to find everything devastated from the villain(s) attack/victory and it’s an almost post-apocalyptic nightmare. There may be some survivors left trying to hide away, perhaps a few were killed off in the time in between.

I leave Julius out in these because my feeling is if this were to happen, Julius would stay behind to ensure the others get through. Obviously this means Julius will truly die this time, sacrificing himself to try to save the others. It would be a fitting end for the Wizard King, and in character for Julius given he almost did it already.

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Theorie 2: Asta has (blood) siblings

black clover asta

So Asta has a family, his church family. But his actual blood relatives? Still a complete unknown outside of one panel that seemed to be his mother some 20-odd chapters back. We know nothing of them, but it seems almost certain we’ll find out about them sooner or later. My “theory” (for lack of a better word) is that the Four Kingdoms are a peninsula on the edge of a larger continent, kind of like Fiore in Fairy Tail, and that Asta comes from this continent beyond Spade.

We will find out eventually I’m sure. Some think he is a descendant of Licht but given the Witch Queen stated he is 100% pure human I doubt it. Most Shonen protagonists have a father who is a badass. Or just a plain bad father glares at Ging. So we could get that, but given Tabata’s record of writing well-rounded female characters I could see him subverting that trope and making the mum the badass this time around. The dad could still be cool but perhaps the mum has all the power this time. Though tbf this is shonen so there is also a good chance one of them is dead anyway.

But who’s to say it stops there? There’s no reason for it not to. I could easily see it being revealed that Asta has a brother or sister. My guess is an older one, and whoever it is will be vital to the plot. They would probably be an ally but a villainous sibling is certainly possible too. Yes it’s an overdone trope but tropes exist for a reason, if done right it could be great.

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Theorie 3: Yami’s homeland will have an arc

black clover Yami

Yami says his homeland is known as Land of the Rising Sun. And him and Yuno are the only ones with Japanese names (well Yuno’s first name is, but surname is European). His Katana is a weapon of his homeland. It seems very likely we’ll go here at some point, as why would it even be mentioned if it wasn’t to later be explored. Given Yami is an Arcane Stage I could see him going back home to investigate this. I wonder just how it would go, would he return and nobody remember him, is his family still around or what if there’s a reveal that they actually threw him out on purpose, either a reveal to the audience alone or Yami too?

Given we’re going through Wano in One Piece currently it’d be cool to see what Tabata’s take on his version of Japan would be too. And what it’s name is, I suspect Land of the Rising Sun is just one of it’s names. I thought perhaps Amaterasu as parts of Japan were previously called, and how the Royal Family of Japan are supposedly her descendants.

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