My Hero Academia: The UA Traitor Is An Imposter!

What’s up guys? One of the most famous My Hero Academia theories is the traitor theory. With different groups of fans subscribing to different characters being traitors, here’s presenting to you, another twist to the much loved theory. Read on to find out what the theory entails but do make note of the fact that this post will contain major spoilers for the manga!!


Ardent fans of My Hero Academia are well aware of the traitor theory especially after the possibility the presence of a traitor inside UA is brought forth by Present Mic. The fact that UA had a breach and that students got attacked multiple times by the League of Villains sowed the seeds of doubt in the minds of some of the UA teachers and the principle Nezu leading to the introduction of dorm system for the students.

This also caused fans to start theorizing who the traitor could be. A multitude of traitor theories originated with candidates ranging from Kaminari to Toru to Momo to even Tsuyu. With Kaminari and Toru competing for the top spot. Fans also started speculating that the traitor plotline was forgotten by Horikoshi since it hasn’t been resolved yet even though the manga is about to reach it’s three hundredth chapter now.

Kaminari who was a fan favorite traitor candidate for years has also fallen out of consideration since his rather heroic moment in this arc where he barges in to launch an attack on the villains fearlessly even though he was afraid in the beginning. And why does this matter? It matters because Kaminari’s fear to participate in the attack evaporates when he thinks about his friends like Jirou and Tokoyami.

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My Hero Academia: The UA Traitor

This makes him a guy who does not seem like the type to betray his friends that too to some of the most dangerous villains in Japan. However, Toru still remains a possible candidate for the traitor due to several other reasons. But another possibility is that Horikoshi could subvert all expectations and instead reveal the traitor to be an impersonator, an impostor rather than an actual student. This does sound a bit sketchy considering how the story is playing out but it’s still not out of the realm of possibility of the story.

We do know that quirks which can copy a person’s quirk like Monoma’s quirk exist. We also know that villains like Toga possess similar quirks which are very useful in impersonation. And we know atleast one instance where Toga uses this quirk to successfully impersonate another student to achieve her goal.

Why was this instance shown to us in the manga? Maybe it’s because this is what the UA traitor is. A mere impersonation! If we are going by what’s happening in the story, Kaminari is evidently out of running for being the UA traitor.

And Kaminari is the only traitor candidate who, if he was revealed as the traitor, would have actually affected the readers simply because of his popularity as a character and how connected he is, to the other students of 1-A. Toru Hagakure being the traitor would not have the emotional impact because if how non existent she is, as a character and how much the readers don’t care about her(No. Momo being the traitor is not exactly a possibility because of her involvement in the Bakugo rescue plot).

So how can Horikoshi present the traitor storyline tactfully? One option is to make the traitor having been an impersonator all this while. Maybe they had a quirk similar to Toga’s. Or maybe it’s Toga herself? That is a decent possibility. Yes, an impersonator is still not as dramatic as one of the students turning out to be the traitor but it still remains a tactful way to present the plotline! So what do you think about the traitor theory guys? Who is the traitor? Who do you want to see be the traitor ? Did Horikoshi forget about the plotline? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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