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Hi guys, today’s post will be about spy x family 27 Spoilers, and Raw release date are given below so make sure to catch up with the latest chapter before you continue reading.

Spy x Family chapter 26 Discussion (Spoilers):

Anya’s in a crisis!!! It’s mid terms, the dreaded exam period all students shudder at, but have no fear, Anya surely has this in the bag with her telepathy….. or not. Having scored a mighty 13 on her last test, alarm bells are ringing for Loid, who desperately needs this overconfident truant daughter of his to do well in academics so the masterplan can come together.

Damien being a little shit, with a perfect mirror image copy of Anyas trademarked “heh” was just rubbing salt into the wound, but now Anya has a plan, she’ll just copy Damien, who need to study when you have superpowers.

Anyas crisis however gets worse. Some details about her telepathy are revealed, where she has one massive weakness, known as “eclipsing”. Her power disappears when the New moon appears, which brings about an interesting connection to the lunar cycle. My questions include does Anyas power peak during a full moon? What if the moon blew up? What is Anya went to the moon?

Anyway, the moon in two weeks time will disappear, and instead mid terms will appear, this is an absolute disaster for Anya, who’s entire revision strategy was to piggy back off Damien. The only way now is for someone to tutor Anya, step in Loid, who now has to formulate a way for Anya to avoid gaining Tonitrus Bolts, where accumulating 8 of those results in immediate expulsion, and indirectly, the end of Loids mission.


Anya however isn’t making much headway with Loid, her telepathy being a thorn in her side this time as instead of concentrating on her studies all she can hear is Loids inner thoughts crashing out in a wave completely swallowing Anya up.

In comes Yuri, how will come running at a drop of a hat for his beloved sister. Probably one of the biggest Sis cons Jump has ever seen, he arrives almost immediately. In comical fashion, he begins sparring with Loid, the incident of the previous chapters where Loid infiltrated the Ministers meeting due to the terrorist attack, and Yuri being one of the people who probably took the most heat from the entire incident puts him in a sore position of letting the elusive twilight run circles around his organisation.

Yuri begins teaching Anya, who falls into old habits of just using her telepathy to get the answers, but obviously she can’t do that on the test so she’s got to go through the pain every other student does and crack open those textbooks.

Anya just isn’t very smart, and this is a challenge for Yuri, but nonetheless he will graft on for his beloved Yor, who took care of him when they had nobody else. A small flashback is shown of Yor and Yuri, where Yuri decided that he would not be a burden upon Yor and took it upon himself to master Academics, Medicine, Languages and more. Well Yuri can rest assured that the woman he swore to protect is actually a super badass assassin that kicks cars off the road and is a martial arts expert, so his “swole Chihuahua” isn’t desperately needed.

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After an intense study session on grammar, Anya shows off her newly discovered prowess by asking “whats a grammar” prompting Yuri to storm out and contemplate on his own weaknesses which include not capturing Twilight.

I love how the story keeps up with it’s recurring themes, such as Yors coooking being awful, even the cookies she baked and Yuri thankfully ate all of in an act of devotion to Yor we lethal, Bond sniffs at a crumb on the floor before passing out. And Anya studying her little heart out, but it being the wrong subject personifies her character so perfectly.

The chapter ends with Anya sitting her first mid term, with it all to play for, the whole of operation strix on the line, can Anya get those gold stars?

Spy x Family 27 Predictions:

Spy x Family Chapter 27 is most likely going to switch back and forth between Anya sweating it out on her tests that she is most likely mistakenly overconfident for and potentially Loid/Yors day “jobs”. For Anyas test, it’s inevitable that she will have either actually learnt everything, or she will have some way to cheat which will get her enough grades for gold stars. I would like to see a bit more of Yors missions in the near future, most chapters tend to be Loid/Anya centric which sidelines Yor a bit, hopefully we can get to see her smashing people’s heads in and being one of the most brutal woman shounen has ever seen.

Spy x Family chapter 27 Release date:

Spy x Family chapter 27 is scheduled to be released on the 17th May, which can be read on the official Jump platform mangaplus. The raws will be available 2-3 days before this which can be read here.

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