Beastars Season 1: The Good and The Bad

When i first heard the lore of “Beastars” I was very intrigued in watching it. The idea was very unique for me and honestly, I expected it to be a top seasonal of 2019. Granted for many it was, but for me, it failed in many areas. Some good, but a lot of bad in certain aspects. Here in this post, i will break down my view on the value of the first season of “Beastars”.I will list some good aspects of the series along with some of the bad.I will also give my opinion on the future of “Beastars” going into its second season.


The setting of Beastars was very well executed. The idea of having talking animals separated by the lives of carnivores and herbivores,all attending a high school was a golden idea for many reasons.This opened up to many situations such as high school drama,altercations among students ,school activities between the animals,etc…I truly believe the execution of these situations that the setting opened the series up to could have been better.But the author was in the ballpark with the overall idea and it still has potential.

Bad-Supporting Characters

Beastars suffers from too many pointless characters.These pointless characters who have barely any meaning to the plot gets a lot of screen time it feels like ,or more screen time than they need.Mostly these are Legosi”s acquaintances from the school that participated in the school plays.None of them are memorable to the slightest and are just placed in the story just because.They hold conversation here and their but doesn’t help develop the series in any way.

Good-Animation and Art

The art for Legosi”s carnivore instinct scenes are pretty good.The overall animation is pretty glitchy but it’s actually a style of animation that series such as Aku No Hona and Land Of Lustrous have used.It”s somewhat fine though and i don’t see it as an negative to the series.

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Bad-Overall Execution Of The Plot

I was heavily intrigued to see Legosi and Haru”s relationship.Thought i was going to see a deep connection between the two as they conquer the basic carnivore and herbivore connection.But what did i get ? Awkward writing between the two ,very little companionship just a forced connection,Disappointing romantic scenes such as the hotel scene.I thought their would be some expansion on the drama that Haru was facing with other females as well as her reputation to sleep with a lot of guys ,but that just faded away after about two episodes of it.Thought it would bring in the Legosi being the only person to accept her narrative which would’ve explained haru”s feelings for him ,but that just wasn’t the case.Arguably the series tried the narrative of Legosi being the only person who was on her side ,but it was poorly done if done at all.Lastly ,the overall lore behind The carnivore and herbivore was very little emphasized during season one it seems.It was emphasized throughout the first two episodes with scenes where herbivores were fearing and gossiping about carnivores ,gossiping about their vicious carnivore behavior.Soon after it was brought up a few times but nothing major ,just consistently was a stigma raining over Haru”s and Legosi”s relationship due to the fact Haru would sometimes jump away from Legosi because of instinct.Also from the fact Legosi would get some sensations of wanting to eat Haru.I find these scenes very embarrassing and poorly emphasized writing.I expected better and deeper emphasis on the life and instincts of carnivores and herbivores.It really just turned into a badly placed plot device to interfere in Legosi and Haru”s relationship,nothing more.

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Good:Final Arc of the First Season

I’m sure everyone was fond of the epic ness we got during the last arc of the first season.Legosi risked his life for his love and fought through an gauntlet of enemies to save her.Gouhin helped Legoshi fight through the number of enemies and even made a sacrifice for him in the end.It was pretty much the best fighting sequence beastars season one had to offer.

Beastars Season 1

Bad-Forced Fight Scenes

For some reason Beastars loved to force fight scenes on to the viewers.Fight scenes such as Legosi vs Louis and Legosi vs Bill felt incredibly forced and held little validation to the plot ultimately.I guess it was to uphold Legosi”s big gray wolf aspect of some sort.But i do feel like their was better ways of doing so.The sudden shifts from wholesome to violent in Legosi”s personality was a bad narrative in my opinion ,and that narrative lead to forced fight scenes placed to try and further it.All the narrative did was pretty much ruin the vibe of the series on a couple of occasions.

In Conclusion

All together ,Beastars Season One was very successful and railed in a lot of fans.Through the good and bad the series ultimately succeeded in what really matters.As long as the series is getting good feedback from the majority ,I encourage that the series should stay in the same direction in the upcoming season.But still try to accommodate some problems i listed that are potentially ruining the series for some people.I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and feel free to leave comments.

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