Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 264 Spoilers, Predictions Read online?

Hey guys! bnha ch 263 has just been released and I’m excited to share it with you and discuss the upcoming event of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 264. There will be heavy spoilers. So please stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 263 Discussion :

The latest Chapter continues the trend of letting side characters shine. If the couple previous chapters were made for Miruko, this chapter gives Denki Kaminari a cool, badass moment. The chapter starts with the student team in the back of the forest, realizing that the battle has begun. The hero of this chapter, Kaminari is seen freaking out in the frontlines initially. An angry-looking Cementoss rips apart the PLF mansion with Skeptic ordering the various villain regiments to attack the heroes. Dabi, one of the Lieutenants of the Violet regiment, interestingly, walks off in the opposite direction. A villain advisor with an electricity quirk(Ampivolt) attacks the heroes with a blast of electricity. As he attacks, his entire electricity discharge is absorbed by Kaminari in a badass move after being re-assured by Tokoyami and Midnight. Hats off to Tokoyami for being a good friend and Midnight for being a good professional.

Kaminari, in this chapter, is given a bit more of character development. We see Tokoyami call him a guy who cares for others especially his close friends like Jirou. With some beautiful panels, Kaminari is inarguably the star of this chapter. The chapter ends rather surprisingly on a cliffhanger with Twice in one of the rooms of the crumbling mansion, trapped and surrounded by a bunch of Hawks’ feathers and Hawks staring menacingly at him while armed with two of his long feathers. By the looks of it, he’s going to attack Twice.

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My hero Academia Chapter 264 Predictions :

I am sure that the next Chapter will see the continuation of this raid with more characters in action of course. We might get more details about Denki. Maybe a flashback. Tokoyami who’s been a character who was top 3 in the Sports Festival and also an intern of Hawks is sure to get a moment to shine soon. Coming to Hawks, Dabi vs Hawks happening has a high probability.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 264

Remember how I mentioned that Dabi walks away in the opposite direction of the hero attack? That was probably him running off to save Twice. It’s possible that Dabi would engage Hawks in combat and Twice would escape resulting in the heroes losing their advantage. Also, one of AFO’s most powerful allies, Gigantomachia and the PLF lieutenant Redestro are yet to make an appearance. Them appearing would be a very interesting development and could change the tides of the battle in the villains’ favor.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 264 Release date And where to Read online :

The next chapter is bound to be exciting and it will be released on March 15. Meanwhile, you can read bnha ch 263 Here. So, what do you guys think about this chapter? Will Hawks hurt Twice or will Twice escape? Can Hawks win against Dabi? Can the heroes win with the likes of Gigantomachia and Twice on the side of the villains? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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