Top 10 dark anime series That will leave you shattered

Here we are now, that’s something I can write a book about. Easily. Dark anime for me is like breathing, something I gave my attention, love and a lot of patience. I decided to split it into 3 parts so it wouldn’t be too long per post and, obviously, easier to read. Picks as always were hard and made solely by me, so expect to be surprised by some of them. Yall gonna have something to read and brief idea of what I truly considering as great dark shows. Some dramas and thrillers, a lot of psychological stuff and, of course, cyberpunk, but no worries, there’s few dark comedies as well. Full rollercoaster over the years, genres and types, everyone will find something for themselves. Let’s begin with first 10 picks, however, at this point there’s no particular order.

10. School Days

School Days

There’s reason why I picked this particular show to open this list. It’s probably one of the most underrated and misunderstood anime of all time. Criminally and unfairly misunderstood. And yeah, it’s dark, very, very uncomfortable dark and cringe.

Yet it’s mocked for the reasons that actually had nothing to do with the anime itself. I agree, it’s borderline harem, borderline romance, nearly soft porn and very tiring, but all of it for the reason. And the reason is to simply deconstruct whole genre, and oh God, they nailed it, so much hate comes from there as well. How to piss off typical fandom? By delivering production that will turn whole general genre rules upside down to shake it’s viewers to the very core. And what School Days did? Exactly that.

This anime to the genre is same like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to the magical girls genre, definitive deconstruction and reconstruction with the very new rules that changed the whole idea forever. Even if you hate it, you know it. It’s dark, it’s extremely uncomfortable and heavily violent, especially by the end, authors took it to the point where this production is closer to being a psychological horror than simple crime harem romance. And they did that, because they wanted to, that’s how history is created. This anime is everything you didn’t expect from its school harem romance roots, and shocking 5,85 rating only proves it.

The production itself telling story of Makoto Itou, 3 girls, sex, cheating and murder, everything heavily mixed in dark psychological drama sauce. Plus to mention, mc is one of the most hated and despicable characters I’ve ever seen, lowlife, cheating piece of shit and terrible human being.

He’s hurting basically everyone around him and clearly realise what a bastard he is. Using girls desires he literally have sex with most of them, treating them like sex dolls, things and, after all, what is most scary, sometimes realising what’s here doing it’s wrong, but there’s no desire to change it. You see, the scariest monsters are among us, they feel, they live and even regretting. But only to certain point.

Then we have this dark and vile, chilling ending, yeah, we saw it’s coming, yeah, we wanted it to come, but it’s still bloody scary and natural. Darkest desires always come with a price. And the price itself is rarely small. Anime deals with psychological depth really seriously, creating an awful gallery of characters, terrible mc, believable and truly terrifying character development. It’s based on eroge visual novel by the same title, following it’s most vile route and doing it properly and with justice.

Opening theme is just as to be expected, however, each of the 8 ending songs perfectly fit each episode and ending theme from the last episode, Still I Love You ~Mitsumeru Yori wa Shiawase~ by Kiriko is probably most ironic, iconic and vile song ever used in anime. That’s how you make history, by destroying audiences by playing with them in a very cruel game and immerse dark atmosphere. In school harem romance.

9. Claymore


Let me clear one thing, I’m huge fan of the manga and at the same point in a huge fan of its anime adaptation. It’s not only action packed, extremely brutal and entertaining show, but as well very dark, serious and mature piece of anime that is not scared of serious themes and dealing with betrayal, inequality, murder, shaming or trust on regular basis leaving no survivors and showing no mercy, both, to the characters and audiences.

It’s a very definition of proper dark fantasy where even SnK heave to step down in front of this production. Don’t understand me wrong, it’s darker than SnK but it’s very different and more mature, however, I never said it’s better. As I mentioned above, I love the manga and the manga itself is very, very different, ever darker and more brutal than the anime.

In 2007, when anime was aired manga was halfway through as it’s ended in 2014, while anime is closed in 24 episodes, one day, maybe, we’ll see a sequel or another adaptation. And finally… it’s a shounen, proper, intensive and engaging shounen. Something ain’t that common in XXI century action shounens, you can count them using one hand.

So, the story follows Claire, one of the Claymores, that hunts monsters. We follow her journey, learn terrible and sad truth, we meet her before she became Claymore, what is a huge shock. Finally our journey goes throughout darkness, destroyed people, sick humanity and monsters, which as its pretty obvious, are most dangerous amongst people, as there’s no wicker and more evil monsters than humans themselves. Old but true, that’s to be expected.

Difference here, compared to other shows this type is slight, there’s no time for pointless fun, anime is deadly serious, atmosphere very heavy, you could easily hung axe in the air and, well, themes doing its job perfectly, leaving no place for lighter pacing. There’s a lot of sadness, heartbreaking stories and above all – overwhelming darkness.

Madhouse did their job, and bloody hell, this anime looks amazing even today. Beautiful animation, amazing character design, flawless background and of course, great fights choreography, after all it’s Madhouse, they did Hunter x Hunter and Death Note amongst many others.

Second one came out same year as Claymore and for some reason, it’s praised much more, completely unfair and sad. But what makes it even more great is soundtrack, epic, orchestral, very heavy and dark. Such a beautiful piece of work. After all, this show is here so don’t expect to find DN here, you will not, even if it’s fairly dark. Some of anime deserve much more praise and acknowledgment, this one is definitely one of them. And will stay in your heart forever.

8. Fate Zero

Fate Zero

Come on guys, any list of dark anime without at least one Fate installment is pointless. And believe me, it’s not the only one in this top30. This 2011/2012 anime is probably one of the biggest suprises I’ve encountered in my long career. Not because I’ve doubted it, mostly because I didn’t expect it to be THAT good.

Even considering that it’s creator delivered earlier in 2011 the best tv anime of all time, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, yes, you’re not mistaken both of these anime are crafted by one and only Gen Urobochi, the king of dark, heartbreaking and extremely difficult to watch and understand anime, well, mostly.

I simply didn’t expected that he’s gonna be able to deliver two masterpieces by two different studios same year, I’ve been solely mistaken, he did, and bloody hell, he never took any survivors. This guy lives in darkness and suffering along with pain and emptiness of his audiences as his daily diet.

I’m pretty sure it’s turning him on and giving him sick pleasure, point me any other creator that was able to deliver in one year two of the darkest and heaviest of the anime known to people. Exactly, impossible that’s why I love him with all of what, thanks to him, left of my heart. Fate Zero is both, critically acclaimed and loved by fans, nothing out of order here, Gen did it again.

Everyone knows plot of these original Fate/stay night series. Fate Zero is long awaited prequel to it, we finally got to learn what happened 10 years before original, meet Kiritsugu, Shirou’s step father and what happened during that particular Holy Grail War. You thinked original route of fsn was dark? Think twice. It’s as to be expected, extremely violent and dark vision of fallen humanity.

Urobochi never intended to show mercy, people here are disgusting, including our protagonist, they’re vile, evil and except actually few characters, you wish them all die painfully. It was first ufotable installment in Fate universe, thanks to gods, it wasn’t last. This 2011 show looks better than 90% of modern productions, voicing is more than satisfying, design as usual for ufotable is flawless, fights choreography is astonishing and extremely intensive.

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Firstly, the atmosphere is very heavy and dark, so don’t root for anyone, they’ll die sooner or later, it’s ain’t spoiler, it’s Urobochi. If you think you know someone, step back as it’s one of the most psychologically complex production on this list, character development here is a top notch. Something you can expect only from the greatest. This show will leave you shattered, empty and asking yourself how the hell it was so entertaining and at the same moment so painful. Well, no survivors here. Suffer.

7. Jigoku Shoujo

dark anime series

Honestly, you didn’t expect me to skip this gem, didn’t you. Studio Deen used to deliver masterpieces just a few years ago, not sure what happened with them now. But it doesn’t matter now, let’s go back to Anno Domini 2005. Golden era of great anime. Back in the day it was well known and fairly praised franchise, except last season, which was pretty pointless and boring unfortunately.

Jigoku Shoujo is one of these rare productions that are fond deeply in Japanese culture. It’s very chilling, aesthetic piece of arthouse, philosophical horror. Mainly focusing on revenge and price for it. Beautiful, truly beautiful artwork, dark colour palette, one of these ‘one in kind’ pieces. Apart from revenge, the series exploits terrible human nature, talks about death, bullying, rape, murder and basically everything that human nature is capable of.

Some of the episodes are truly chilling and whole show is one of the very few anime that ever come close to the horror genre. Japanese are good in live action horrors but anime horrors are in 99% not only terrible, but as well completely and utterly mistaken for something else, just to bring Higurashi no naku koro ni franchise or Corpse Party. Both of this titles have never been near of being horrors, first one is apparently trying to be an psychological thriller but ultimately it’s nothing more that very bad adaptation of the classic vn, second one is trying to be something more than another gory production for 13 years old kids. Failing on every possible way. While Jigoku Shoujo in just one episode can be more terrifying than most of the anime horrors combined.

Story itself as stated above is focused on the revenge. People who seeks for revenge can receive it from the title girl for the small price of going to hell after their death. It’s episodic, where each episode focuses on different character, their story, thoughts, deal (or no) and revenge (or no).

Fully giving each of the characters enough time to build proper psychological background, justice to their stories and motives. What’s is important to mention, Hell Girl herself doesn’t care about revenge and if bad people will come to her asking for it she can grant it. Brutal. There’s as well even more terrifying and heartbreaking story of our main character in the background which we’re exploring throughout the whole show.

Anime itself is very beautiful, art is clean and very detailed. Designs are pretty, each of the characters is memorable and remarkable and mc design is one of the most beautiful in anime history. Backgrounds and location design is the strongest part of this franchise, beautiful, full of details and chilling art but what takes the cake is hell design. Suggestive, scary, extremely terrifying and beautiful. Jigoku Shoujo is just pure example of beautifully crafted dark art.

6. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

There are few shows that are widely recognised that no one actually seen, this is one of them. Written over two seasons story of children assassins. Ain’t original you would say, indeed, but there’s much more to it. Enough to say it’s one of these underrated, heavy anime that despite recognition are never picked in any list. Which is sad, as it’s one of the darkest productions out there.

Exploring children’s psychology, bullying, brainwashing and dark themes of murder. Beautifully crafted piece of anime indeed. Perfect pick for that list, will make you feel uneasy, ain’t gonna leave for couple of days and will keep returning over the years and unlike other tragedy dramas like Elfen Lied focuses, while still being slight sci-fi, takes things realistically and have no shortcuts.

Compelling, deep drama with some serious action, controversy and a lot of sadness which can cause serious damage to some of the audiences. And considering it’s serious atmosphere and controversial themes, suprisingly it’s nowhere being cringe. Nowdays it’s impossible to create this kind of anime without making it cringe or fanservice everywhere. Sad.

Story itself focusing on girls that were found in Italian hospitals and offered chance to live. Of course nothing comes for free, price is high, they’re brainwashed, mechanically enhanced and trained to be ruthless assassins for the government. Don’t get me wrong, it’s action anime, one of these top notch ones, but the real thing there is a drama, heavy, dark and deep tragic story of the girls.

It ain’t as violent as it could be but that’s actually something nice, while it’s action packed drama, it’s suprisingly slow and very, very serious. Yeah, there’s some dark humor and it’s actually even more chilling. It’s not kind of production that’ll leave you suicidal, it’s sad, yeah, it’s dark as hell itself, but most important, it’s seriously realistic and believable. Madhouse back in the day really used to deliver great anime after great anime.

The story pacing is outstanding, planning and writing top notch, never gives you clear way, how the story will proceed, if you haven’t readed the manga of course. Character development is simple, very aesthetic and leaves a lot to think of. World building is beautifully crafted, very compelling and reliable, same goes to character design, one of the best I’ve seen, amongst my favourites, animation quality is godly, especially considering it’s age.

Music on the other hand is the main thing that creates this dark and gritty atmosphere during the show, it’s on the darker notes and very melancholic. Show proves that with minimalism, heavy drama, dark atmosphere and minimal amount of fanservice and humor it’s possible to create interesting, entertaining drama that never reaching levels of being cringe. Another simple example of great writing and, once again, proves that older doesn’t mean worse, it’s actually all the way around lately.

5. Gakkougurashi!


Okay, this anime was a huge surprise for me, one of the 2015 highlights, anime that took me with serious suprise. Ain’t expecting nothing like that and, trust me, I was extremely happy I got suprised.

Firstly, this anime is exactly as the picture shows above, for fair amount of time. It’s definitely one if the darkest modern anime out there right now. And one of most complex in exploring human psychic, suprisingly, ain’t cringe at all, it’s deep, shocking, extremely violent psychological drama and… school slice of life anime.

Let’s say it straight, it’s another of these productions that takes old good genres and after a while throwing them away out of window laughing theirs asses off. Yea, this anime is very sweet and lovely, but because of that it’s truly, truly terrifying. Exploration of destroyed girls psychic, touching themes like dementia, schizophrenia, lying, gruesome violence and death, hiding in false reality, rejection and, finally, survival against all odds.

A lot of things that have very less in common with your typical school slice of life anime and much more with complex psychological thriller. And suprisingly, this production finds golden rule to mix these different genres and still deliver entertaining, dark and interesting story that will haunt you in dreams from time to time.

Yuki Takeya is your typical moe. Megurigaoka High School is a unique and lively place where Yuki enjoys her carefree life as a third-year high school student and member of the School Living Club. The club, consisting of the president Yuuri Wakasa, the athletic Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the mature junior Miki Naoki, the supervising teacher Megumi Sakura, and the club dog Taroumaru, prides itself on making the most of life at school. But that’s a facade.

Reality is gruesome, girls are living in zombie post-apocalyptic world. They’re closed in school as a sole survivors surrounded by hordes of zombies. They trying to manage to survive everyday and keeping to maintain false world about Yuki. Taking about hard work, innit? This anime is everything you not expecting, while it can be wholesome at the same time it’s terrifying as it actually feeding on your hope. Everyday interactions and struggles are reliable and mostly believable. Pacing and writing are surprisingly well delivered, whole atmosphere is extremely heavy after the show reveals its true colours.

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Character development is actually very moe and this anime can be actually considered as crazy moe-horror genre. But be aware, while it’s looking innocent it’s actually very shocking. Animation is beautiful, colourful, happy, for the fair amount of time. There are as well retrospectives and ‘real world’ scenes, those are truly gruesome. Yall need to see it. Music is as typical here, sweet and innocent with 3 different ending themes. That’s piece of anime that has it flaws, typical for the moe genre, sometimes speeded up, can be chaotic. But all of that disappears when you touching it’s dark and vile atmosphere, when it crushing your heart into pieces and spitting on your grave. This is how you deliver real surprises.

4. Cosette no Shouzou

Cosette no Shouzou

Darkness. That word perfectly describes this anime. We talking here about dark productions after all, and this short ova is a perfect definition of dark anime. First of all, it’s artistic horror, very, very dark and strange, with simple plot and extraordinary animation style. You can cut the atmosphere using the knife, it’s as well extremely depressing production, for very few people. It’s shockingly low 6,88 rating only proves it. There’s nothing like it, barely anything touching it’s style.

Some can say it was some kind of testing, of how much can typical anime fan handle. I’d guess not much. Not many productions ever reached this level of mind gaming while still delivering chilling, extraordinary supernatural alternative horror. Once of the closest anime attempts to horror medium. And it’s scary, as hell, mostly by going there, where not many creators would ever go. It ain’t very violent or disturbing, it’s just extremely dark and serious.

No laugh, no positive feelings, no heartwarms, no lighter moments. It throws you in deep shadowy hole and leaves completely alone. One of the animes you have to watch couple of times to fully understand it. Ain’t helping you at all, watch closely, follow the plot and enjoy the beautiful artwork. And never ever lower your guard, creators will attack you from every possible way playing with your mind, expectations and hopes. This 3 episode ova is exactly what it promised to be. An journey through darkness itself.

Plot is simple, this is where it’s strength lies. Student Eiri Kurahashi works in an antique shop. One day, he sees the image of a girl in an antique glass. To his shock, she appears to be moving and living out her life before his eyes. He becomes infatuated with the girl, and one night at midnight, somehow makes contact with her. He learns her name is Cossette, and that she was an aristocrat’s daughter during the 18th century.She reveals to him that her spirit has been entrapped within the glass by her murder, which was perpetrated by her betrothed, the artist Marcelo Orlando. To set her free, she tells Eiri, a man must be willing to take upon himself punishment for the sins Marcelo committed.

Going by MAL description. Anime stands out amongst others because of it’s beautiful artwork, animation is godly by any means, very detailed and classy. It’s as well weird and chilling. Character design is one of its kinds, clearly visible huge budget. And of course music by one and only Yuki Kajiura, goddess of dark and immersing music. It’s mystic, heavy and main theme is one of the scarier compositions I’ve ever heard.

Music overall is separate piece of deadly art that perfectly fits the anime. Kind of production that’ll never let you go. Breathtaking, beautiful, very sad and extremely dark. It’s art for an art, for people who adore darkness and gritty, soulless atmosphere of alienation. Masterpiece.

3. Shigurui

This is one of my all time favourites. This is as well very first production on this list with hard R category. One of the most violent, brutal and soulless anime in history. As well it’s definitive example of how to execute idea above everything else. And finally, it’s perfect example of slow and ultrabrutal cinema.

One of the best looking shows of all time. And the one, where most of the viewers preferred not to watch on this gruesome and shocking violence. I know few blokes who actually did that after my recommendation. I’m not suprised. This anime is disgusting. There’s few shows where you don’t like characters but still enjoy them, this one, however, takes it in the whole new level.

You hate every single character there. And I mean that. There’s no bad or good characters, al of them are grey, well, all of them are bastards or useless pieces of meat. It’s very naturalistic anime, historically accurate, with changes in pacing, storytelling, retrospective blocks and mixing in time. Everything is as well mixed in very slow, dark and violent sauce of samurai stage play. There’s a lot of gore, a whole lot more than in your regular bloody anime. There’s a lot of sex and brutal frontal nudity, rape, killing, hatred, glory, revenge and awful characters. And all of that is delivered slowly, it makes watching painful and unpleasant. This anime hurts to the core and leaves marks for the rest of your life.

At the beginning of the Edo Era, when people enjoyed a time of peace, Lord Tokugawa Tadanaga holds a fighting tournament. In the past, matches were fought with wooden swords. This time, real swords will be used. One-armed Fujiki Gennosuke and blind Irako Seigen will fight each other in this match. Both are disciples of Iwamoto Kogan, who is known as Japan’s greatest swordsman. Each of them are determined to prove himself the successor of Iwamoto’s school.

However, there can only be one champion. So begins a story of intertwining fates, conflict, and strange destinies. Story of violence, hatred, sex, betrayal and honor. Over 12 episodes we learn what happened to Gennosuke and Kogan, why their bodies are destroyed and full of scars, why there’s so much hate and murderous atmosphere. It’s samurai anime, but nowhere being near typical action packed shonens, it’s, as I mentioned few times, very slow and dark drama. Closest you can actually put it to is an stage play with realistic special effects. Strictly 18+, immersing and, oh gods, violent. It’s one of the most accurate historical anime ever created, very throughly created and crafted to the smallest detail.

From clothing, which are unique for every character to the language, interactions, culture and backgrounds. There’s no anime where creators put so much effort in creating realistic world, each episode is full of smallest details, amazingly developed atmosphere and style. It’s probably best looking Madhouse anime in history, it’s probably one of the best looking anime in whole history.

And we’re talking about 2007 production. Character development is unspeakable, full of degenerated humans, empty pride, womens used only as a sex dolls and trophys, hatred and with all of it, it’s such reasonable and believable I’m speechless. Animation is over the gods, every single small detail, color, backgrounds, scenes you can put on your wall as an classic painting from the era. Such a detail, such love and patience were used in creating this astonishing animation.

And music, there’s barely any, show works on terrifying silence and background noises that actually shakes you to the core better than any ost. Pacing is extremely slow, gore top notch, atmosphere deadly and vile, it’s very hard to watch it whole at one seating. But if you strong willed, your stomach is strong enough and you can get over all this degeneration, it’s something for you. Brutal and violent piece of pure art. A masterpiece.

2. Genocyber


One more ultra violent anime. But this 1994 ova is not only ultra violent, it’s THE MOST violent and brutal anime ever created, the goriest and most disgusting piece ever created. Made back in the times, when censorship wasn’t regular and you could show on screen everything you wanted.

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Thanks God, the writer was insane and this inhumane piece of disturbing ova is exactly what he wanted. Bible for all sick souls that love gore and extreme violence. It’s extremely low 5,88 rating only proves that. Fun fact is this aime in few terms was ahead of its time. It’s very hard to rate it properly as it’s definitely really messed up.

First arc, the very first episode, the most famous one is godly, true gruesome masterpiece, decent cyberpunk mixed with good story and some of the best animations back in the day.

Second arc, episodes 2-3 is, well, different, however opening for 2nd episode contains some of the most violent and disgusting scenes off all time, however, it’s visible weaker, last arc, episodes 4 and 5 are weak and actually very disappointing. Last arc is best to skip. OVA is based on cancelled manga that is (sic!!!!!) even more disturbing and violent, so no suprise it got cancelled, there’s actually legends about that how extremely controversial it was. I would love to meet the author. One day maybe.

This time I ain’t going for a plot, as it’s pointless, this production stands on dark, depressive atmosphere and ultraviolence. Not much to add here, there’s much to praise thought. Firstly, I need to remind, that this anime isn’t for everyone, actually it’s for very small group of extreme otakus that love extremely disturbing, gory images. Let’s focus in the main dish then, the animation itself. As for 1994 production, the animation, at least in first two arcs, is great. And I mean it, yeah, it’s old, but it’s artistic value is still as strong as 26 years ago.

Innovative animation mixed with live-action footage is one of its kind, especially because it was used for very simple reason: making violence even more extreme. And, oh boy, it is extreme and it’s looking amazing till this day. Animation is the key of making this gritty, nightmarish gory concerto of flying meat, sea of blood and insane ideas. I’m all in, deeply in red. Can’t fight it. In the other side we have music, perfectly fitting, psychedelic mix that only helps to make this anime even more depraved. And the main theme is probably one of the most haunting and best songs ever written for any anime. Characters are cliche, very much substituted to the walking bags of meat.

There’s fair amount of nudity, usually ended by another stunning gruesome violent death, there’s rape, child killing, decapitations, ripping bodies of every kind, skull crushings, flying insides, body parts, shootings, explosions, gruesome murders and behaviours. All of that mixed in deep cyberpunk climate with some serious sci-fi and attempts to make some actual plot. By every means, it’s not good anime. But it’s must see for every fan of extreme cinema, it fails with delivering sensible plot, it’s not entertaining, it’s hard to understand and the final arc it’s just extremely bad. But it doesn’t matter, all that matters here is masterfully created atmosphere of fear and cyberpunk. And of course violence that’s showed here in full without any compromises. Sick festival of violence. Piece of truly masterful work. For very small group of people.

1. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

Here we are, at the last pick from the first part. As I opened the list with cringe, I’ll close it with even more cringe. And well, let’s be fair here, HSL is a very definition of cringe. It’s not only very hard to swallow borderline yandere anime, but it’s as well heavily uneasy piece of even harder to swallow yuri, highly depraved one on top of that. And yeah, it’s very dark and gritty, constantly confronting you with more and more depravity with paedophilia and brutal murders on top of that.

What a show is that, I can’t even get easy over it. It’s this kind of the show you completely love or unconditionally hate. Nothing between. As I stated on my MAL profile, it’s my guilty pleasure of 2010s decade. And rated it 10, as you whether give it max or lowest score. It’s similar to the some point to the most famous yandere anime, Mirai Nikki. But takes whole idea much further being twice shorter. Ultimately MN compared to HSL is mere child’s play.

Literally, this anime is completely insane, caused me watching with constant facepalm, laughing my arse off and terrified me at the same time. This 2018 anime takes whole yandere rules to the very border. And well, delivering next to that complex, psychological visualisation of depravity and ultimate price to the child’s mental health caused by constant bullying and living in fear. After all Happy Sugar Life is all about having happy and normal life, but it’s full of violence, depravity, suffering and trauma.

And it’s suprisingly clever while pretending to be retarded. Not many shows can use its flaws and turn them into something strong, this specific anime nailed it. Creators perfectly understands the whole idea behind the genre and giving us glimpse of real horror. One of these shows that constantly playing with audiences testing their patience and stomachs. Under depraved story hiding somewhat psychological gem that messes up with heads and leaves no place for happiness. It’s truly depressing, dark and vile psychological thrillers about sweet girls. No half ways, strong writing and imagery with some really disturbing characters.

Satou Matsuzaka is your typical, beautiful pink-haired waifu that’s very distanced and permissive with men. One day she encounters blue-haired Shio Koube, 6-7 years old sweet girl and realises that she’s her first and only true love. She literally takes her from the street and and puts her in her mysterious apartment living since with her in secret, loving and caring, dreaming about happy sugar life together forever. And she’ll do everything to protect this dream.

Literally everything. It’s their only dream to have happy life after years of suffering and pain. Anime deals with heavy themes truly aggressive way, showing no mercy both, to the characters and viewers. Complex psychological drama is mixed with borderline writing, huge amount of controversy and cringe over the top. It’s so dark and cringe that it’s hiding its true nature well behind it and I believe that was the main point that creators wanted to achieve.

Every deeper meaning is covered in huge amount of psychotic sweetness or violence, while writing and pacing still stays intact to the reality and delivers some if the best written dramas I’ve seen in years. Both sides of audiences have its points thought, I can understand critique for being too cringe, too violent and extremely exhausting to watch, and I agree. But from my point of view it was exactly that, what writers wanted to achieve, confusing people and make tons of discussions.

Well done guys, you nailed it. The voicing here is very to the point, sweet and terrifying at the same moment, some of the best works in last few years. Animation is beautiful, smooth, full of sweetness and… dark, psychotic and extremely well drawn. Something I would like to see more often. And now the best part, characters. What a bunch of sick bastards is that. Apart from our overprotective pink- haired mc we have here sexual predators, paedophiles, a sick sex addict, murderers, ruthless psychopaths and if you think sweet Shio is normal here, well, no spoilers, think twice. Gallery of worst kinds sickness and depravity, dealing with every controversy you can surely think of and, of course, over the top cringe and heavily dark and vile atmosphere.

Happy sugar anime my ass. As expected of course. Music is of course as sweet as it can be, but in the other hand darker notes in the soundtrack attacks from behind like soulless killer. I’m not fan of opening song, but ending theme is something else, especially the one used in 9th episode. This anime proves that being cringe don’t mean it can’t be smart and interesting. It’s terrifying, it’s funny, it’s very entertaining and very hard to watch at the same moment.

And of course darkness is literally touchable, going into your head and playing with it. This production is a definitive example of cringe, it’s heavily dark and evil and it’s sweet and devilishly smart. That’s how you should shock your audiences, hiding behind something you know, behind your expectations. May the darkness be with you.

Second part will arrive in few weeks, no worries guys!

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