The best way to watch anime for free using torrent – Definitive Guide

if you want to watch some good anime show, you should be familiar with Torrent. Let’s start by knowing what that really is. A torrent is downloading any files through a torrent client. There are multiple torrent clients, such as uTorrent and qBittorrent, that download torrents. As with lots of torrent clients, there are also lots of torrenting sites. Some torrent sites are dedicated to strictly anime, such as Nyaa and AnimeBytes (note that AnimeBytes is a private torrent site, where you have to get an invite to by another person). Nyaa is probably the most popular anime site because it’s free and is used by a lot of people every day. Okay, now you know the basics of what a torrent is and where to download them from. So, now I will explain how Nyaa works.

First off, you don’t need to create an account to download torrents. The benefits of having an account on Nyaa are that you can comment on torrent uploads and you can upload torrents. There is also a dark theme mode at the very bottom that you can turn on if you want. Anyways, let’s get to the different terminology for how torrents are named.


Torrents usually start off by having the fansub group’s (a fansub group is a group of people who work together to fansub an anime) name that subbed the torrent. An example is GoodJobMedia, who has all their releases start with [GJM]. Most of the time though, these are not fansub groups, but people who re-encode releases (making episodes smaller size than they are to save space, but keeping the quality), like Judas.

Let’s move on to some simple terms. When a torrent says BD or DVD, it simply means that the torrent is a rip from the Blu-ray (BD) or DVD. If there’s a new Blu-ray that releases for an anime, then people will often release it on the site. A batch is a couple or a lot of episodes and sometimes can be used to say it’s a completed torrent of a whole series. Sometimes complete series don’t have batch in their name, but instead have complete, or even none at all. Dual-audio means the torrent has both English dub and English sub (with Japanese audio, whichever way you want). 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p refer to the quality of the episodes. These are all the simple terms you have to know.

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More Information

When you search for an anime, you don’t have to include full words of an anime or fansubber. For example, you can just type in “Shingeki no Kyojin horr” or “Shingeki horr” and HorribleSubs releases of Shingeki no Kyojin will pop up. You can also choose the specific category for an anime, such as Non-English Translated (Spanish sub for example, but you should just search for multi-sub) and Raw (raw anime, purely Japanese). Also, you will see different colors of a torrent that are red and green. A red one means it’s a remake, such as a re-encoded torrent, and a green one means that the user that posted that torrent is trusted. You can also search for a release from a user by going to their profile and searching.

How to Watch the Episodes

Most episodes that are downloaded from torrents are not available to play on your default media players. This is very important to know because you won’t be able to play them otherwise. I highly recommend KMPlayer because it plays episodes with ease. You can also customize the subtitles font with KMPlayer and can even remaster an episode in real time. First off, I recommend using the font Avenir LT Std 65 Medium Font to change your subtitles into that instead of the default font. Below is the way I have it set as this from the options:

And to “remaster” the episodes, which is just making the episodes 16:9 (fullscreen), I right click on the video and I do View > Aspect Ratio > 16:9 and View > PanScan > Scale to 16:9 TV. I also have to go to options and change the Scale (x, %) to 75 and the same for the Y and change all the 20’s at the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom all to 50. Make sure to put them back when you’re watching a newer anime. I always do this for old anime because I like it a lot better and I think you will too.

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RSS Feeds to Automatically Download Anime

With qBittorrent (probably uTorrent too) you can use Nyaa’s RSS feed to automatically download anime, whether it be seasonal anime or to download lots of anime episodes at once, or even to download an OVA as soon as it’s translated into English. It’s simple to do, just go to Nyaa and type in an anime you want and then right click on RSS at the top left of the screen and then click “Copy Link Address.” Now you want to head on over to qBittorrent and click on RSS. Then you click on “New subscription,” where you now paste in the RSS link. You can even have a folder if you want as well. I recommend for you to right click the feed and click “Mark items read,” otherwise you’ll download up to 50 torrents at once when you finish the next couple steps. Now click on “RSS Downloader…” at the top right. Now click on the plus to add a new rule and name it whatever you want. Check your new feed and then you’re done. RSS feeds that I recommend for are OVA’s or movies that are going to come out and you have it so that it’ll automatically download (RSS feeds work for every category so you can change it to English-translated).

I highly recommend to have just one feed for seasonals because it saves time for you to not add a lot of feeds. You can add the 720p or 1080p RSS feeds from HorribleSubs (rips from Crunchyroll and some others right when new episodes are out) to watch your seasonals. When you add the RSS feed, when you go check this feed you have to click on “Must contain” and then you add whatever anime you are wanting to download there, just be sure to include a “|” whenever you want to add another anime. Example (add this in the text field): “Tower of God|One Piece|Detective Conan|Shokugeki|Appare|Kingdom|Gleipnir” (again, it doesn’t have to be the full anime name, you can make it more specific if you think another anime will come and have the same name when the torrent is released).

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This is literally the same as watching anime from other sites like 9anime because they torrent anime and upload there, but torrenting there are no ads. Also please note that 9anime isn’t the best to watch seasonals as they come out because KickAssAnime and torrenting is. I argue that if it airs in Japan and I’m paying for internet/cable, then I should be able to watch the anime because of most anime air in Japan on TV. The downside is it’s not supporting the anime creators, so that’s why I try to buy manga and go to anime movies screening by me whenever I can and I suggest you do the same, maybe even buy Japanese BD/DVD of anime.

And on that note, I highly recommend getting an anti-virus software, such as Malwarebytes, and maybe a VPN too because with the internet anything’s possible, so it’s better safe than sorry.

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