Owari no Seraph 91 Raw, Owari no Seraph Chapter 91 Spoilers, and Release Date

If you aren’t up to date with Owari no Seraph, then catch up before you read this. I will cover spoilers for this chapter and discuss Owari no Seraph 91. You can read the latest chapter officially here. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Owari no Seraph Chapter 90 Discussion:

wari no Seraph Chapter 90 starts off with Kimizuki, along with Mitsuba, Yoichi, and Shinoa, flooring it to go to where Yuu is because they know he’s in trouble. Shinoa draws her scythe and unleashes its power and she almost falls off of the jeep that she’s in. Mitsuba and Yoichi had to quickly grab on to her, but Kimizuki had to grab on to Yoichi in order to bring them all backdown.

Owari no Seraph 91
Shi wreaking havoc on an innocent building

Now it cuts back to Mika and Yuu. Yuu is trying everything he can to help Mika by saying that he’ll do anything—even death in order to save him. Mika starts levitating with what’s left of his body and Asuramaru talks to Yuu in his head. Asuramaru confirms with Yuu that Mika is really about to die and Yuu wants him to shut up basically. Yuu tells Asuramaru that he wishes to die and he actually comforts him. Asuramaru, about to kill Yuu, reminds him of what Yuu said and Yuu recounts the memory about Mika and it makes him not want to die because Mika gave his life for him and loved him. Now, Asuramaru makes Yuu sit back and watch Mika float up. Asuramaru wouldn’t of have done this before because now he respects Yuu more. Mika levitates up and explodes after saying he knows Yuu will be fine and that he loves him. Talk about an emotional roller coaster!

Owari no Seraph 91
Mika exploding :'(

Owari no Seraph Chapter 91 Predictions:

Kimizuki and the rest of them will arrive in their jeep soon enough in Owari no Seraph Chapter 91. Yuu will also grieve a lot more about Mika’s death or what becomes of Mika. Mika might become a seraph, but we don’t know what happens when a vampire-like him gets this happened to them because he wasn’t experimented on. If Mika is dead, then the series has to be ending soon because Mika is a main character. We will just have to wait and find out.

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Owari no Seraph Chapter 91 Release Date:

Owari no Seraph releases once a month at the beginning of every month. So chapter 91 releases officially on June 3rd, in the meantime, you can look at the subreddit for spoilers for the next chapter that releases during the end of every month (the full chapter releases in Japanese a couple of days before releasing officially).

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  1. Forgot to mention – Krul is no where to be found. She will almost definitely make an appearance next chapter.

    • Hopefully though that will make the chapter have more suspense

  2. fux sake this mange feeling like it’s progressing at a glacier’s pace. I think i’m just gonna drop it from here on out. check up on it in a few years, if i remember.

    • Yeah, I always take a couple month breaks, but now I’ll keep reading monthly because of this chapter

  3. i Have a feeling that Krul will come in the next chapter because he did find her brother in the previous one so she would find Mika die… T^T *cries in the corner of the bedroom*

  4. There is a low chance that Mika will be alive sad to say that i know the feeling of your favorite characer dying. But the chapter is unpredictable we just wait for the chapter


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