JUJUTSU KAISEN EPISODE 10 Release date, Preview Eng sub

What’s up guys? Jujutsu Kaisen came out with another wonderfully animated episode this week. Yuji and his new mentor Nanami face a powerful new curse who is going around brutally murdering people. Read on to find out what happened in this episode but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the story to avoid spoilers in this post!!


Yuji gets a new temporary mentor in Kento Nanami, a no nonsense powerful grade one sorcerer. The start off by investigating a grisly scene at a movie theatre where mutilated bodies of three high school boys are found. The secret to what happened to them is not really kept a secret from the audience because we get to see a new curse and for manga readers, Yuji’s most formidable opponent yet in the series, Mahito, attack and transfigure these said humans.

We also see a boy, Junpei who was horribly bullied by the dead kids and who also happened to witness their deaths encounter Mahito after his attack. Mahito also reveals to him later that he himself and the other curses were born our of negative emotions that humans experienced with Mahito being an embodiment of humans’ hatred for one another.

Yuji and Nanami investigate the incident and encounter two other curses. In a beautifully presented fight, Yuji’s developing technique which is result of his training with Gojo is exhibited as he takes one of them down easily while Nanami’s efficient seven to three technique is also put into show when he takes down a curse with just the back of an unsheathed blade. To the duo’s horror, they latter realize that the curses the killed were actually humans who were transfigured into curses.

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This episode puts into limelight the contrasting natures of Namami and Gojo. While Gojo is more carefree towards everything and absolutely trusts his students to take care of minor things atleast, Nanami, even though he’s colder towards Yuji borders more on protecting the students as much as he can and trying his best to not get them involved in dangerous situations. Nanami’s genuine concern for Yuji is exhibited towards the end of the episode when he takes on the task of confronting Mahito at his lair alone, assigning Yuji the task of following, tracking down and monitoring Junpei.


Next week in Jujutsu Kaisen episode 10, we’ll see Nanamj facing off against Mahito as evident from the preview with Yuji meeting Junpei. Nanami is one of the coolest characters in the series and his fights are always cool in the manga especially when he’s battling Mahito. The upcoming fight will be a treat for fans especially with the studio having masterfully animated some of the previous fights. We will also get more insight into his technique.

The very iconic Gojo versus Jogo one sided massacre was a marvel in itself. It will be interesting to see Mahito’s dangerous techniques come alive on screen.Jujtsu Kaisen has always had this light undertone till now with the villains being barely introduced. This seems like the arc where things start getting darker and more serious with the series’ true tone coming forth. So, yes it looks like we cab watch out for a lot more amazingly entertaining episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen!

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Jujutsu Kaisen episode 10 will release on the 5th of December!! So what did you guys think of this episode and what do you think will happen in the Jujutsu Kaisen 10? How will Nanami fare against Mahito? What is Junpei’s role in the plan? When will Yuji being alive be revealed to his friends? Share your thoughts in the comments below!! don’t forget to check our latest posts: Black Clover 274 & jujutsu kaisen 132

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