Black Clover chapter 274 Spoilers, and Raw Scans release date

Ey up guys. In this week’s gym session I did Sledgehammer, where I swing said hammer to hit a tyre. Honestly whenever I saw those things I worried if I tried it it’d bounce back and hit me in the face. Somehow I managed to not do that luckily. I’ve had Avatar the Last Airbender on the mind recently and I was thinking, if you got Metal Bending why not Mercury Bending? It’d be bloody deadly if used right. Or was that what was used in Legend of Korra? I can’t remember if that was Mercury used but eh I like it, I don’t know how a sequel to Korra would work but I’ve had my own ideas. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 274 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 273 Discussion:

So a lot more happened than I expected. We start off in the Spade Kingdom with Zenon inquiring to the current status of his brother Dante. The one he asks is Morris, a man from the Diamond Kingdom who it appears defected after being exiled by Mars (remember him? Christ he ain’t been around for nearly 200 chapters at this point) when he (seemingly) overthrew the leaders and established a new ruler(s). It’s a bit surprising to hear so much has happened in the Diamond Kingdom that has gone without sight, the only thing we’ve seen since we last saw Mars was Zenon defeating all the top generals of Diamond. Guessing this is when Morris defected. Morris reassures Zenon that Dante will be fine, who we see in a healing tube (or whatever it’s name is) grinning like an idiot and thinking to himself how he is anticipating his next battle with Asta. Zenon then asks Morris if all the preparations are going according to plan, to which Morris replies Yes, isn’t that right Lotus? Remember that guy? He was in one of the very first arcs when Asta, Noelle and Luck went into that Dungeon.

Lotus agrees and looks over at what appears to be a Devil in ice with it’s hand sticking out. Lotus thinks to himself the severity of the situation as we see a Devil Ritual Circle filled with strange tendrils. Anyone else getting Cthulhu vibes from all this?

We then jump over to the battle between Nacht vs Asta and Liebe. The room is filled with smoke and we see Asta and Liebe as one. It seems whatever new form Asta has they’ve already finished and are back to normal. We see a giant black line running through the room, ending juuuuuust next to Nacht. The shadows covering Nacht had all but disappeared from his arm, and he’s sweating from fear. That’s right, Nacht is scared. Asta what the fuck did you throw at him.

Nacht thinks how Asta intentionally missed him, yet still erased the magic in his arms and managed to cancel his entire Mana Zone. You remember that giant thing covering the entire area? All gone. He concludes that Asta will truly be the strongest and admits to Asta he won this. Asta then asks to leave immediately and Nacht refuses. In this panel we see Gimodelo clinging to Nacht shivering. Yikes even the damn Devil is scared.

Asta asks why to which Nacht replies that although they achieved Devil Union, it was only for a moment and they still need to train more to make sure they can hold that form for much longer otherwise it will be useless in combat. Nacht then reveals he had been watching the Black Bulls from the shadows (literally, using his magic). He talks of how fate has always been unfair to Asta, yet he proved himself right despite the odds. Aaaaaw how Shonen of him ey. He carries on with how normally those who were right weren’t rewarded by fate, but he wishes to change that. He then states he will leave Gimodelo there to train with them, who seems to shit himself. Nacht states he will try to survive without Gimodelo until Asta and Liebe are ready to be brought into the battle. Gimodelo is comforted by the other (Chibi) Devils as he seems to shit himself at the thought of facing that attack again.

So the final page of the chapter is a shot of the First group setting out to head for the Spade Kingdom. It consists of (to no surprise) Fuegoleon, Charlotte, Nozel, Dorothy, Rill, Jack and Yuno. It also includes (to some surprise) Langris and (to a lot of surprise) Sekke. That’s right, Sekke soddin Bronzazza.

Where do I even begin with this chapter? Just what happened to the Diamond Kingdom? Clearly Mars had some major role to play in this but who was ruling it before, was it Morris or was he part of the leadership council. Are the Generals in charge now? But seeing as Zenon wiped them all out, who runs it now? It could very easily be that the rest of them are dead and Mars is the only one left. But even if not, would Mars be able to keep control himself? I feel there may be a lot of turbulence with Diamond right now which may come to the forefront later on in this arc.

I think Lotus may have bailed thinking he’d be safe with Morris for some reason. Which is rather odd as he and Mars seemed to get along. Unless perhaps he is playing double agent. Either that or Mars was very harsh in his “reshaping” of Diamond, whatever it was. But just what is that in the ice? My first thought was a Devil but I get the feeling they can’t have already brought a Devil into the Human Realm when Zagred went to so much effort before, if there was an easier way about it. But it did remind me of when Licht performed a forbidden spell on himself turning into a Demon King. What if Morris is trying to do something like this, it does look rather similar with the third eye looking thing, and the shape of it. But it’s much smaller, perhaps they’re trying to build a body for Devils to possess like how Sally made the artificial bodies for the resurrected Vetto and Fana. Or maybe making smaller Demon Kings to act as a disposable army of mindless drones. Or perhaps one to act as a Hulk style being i.e. big punching bag to keep a number of enemies occupied.

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So we didn’t see what Asta’s new form or move is/was. I still think it’s somewhat like my “Anti-Mana Zone” theory in that he expels Anti-Magic in his immediate area to cancel out the Shadow Magic, then some kind of massive Anti-Magic Slash that affects not just what is hit by the Slash but mana/magic in the area around it. What Asta will look like is anyone’s guess although it looked like something was protruding from his shoulder. Another wing perhaps? The fact they separated immediately after makes me guess it takes a lot of energy which is no surprise with any new move. The fact Nacht acknowledged Asta’s strength is huge, the way he talked to Asta seemed to change too. He seemed to now have……..more respect for Asta? Actually being nice and supportive towards him, hell even smiling. It’s kind of surprising but it doesn’t feel out of character either to be fair.

What surprises me most though, almost overshadows everything else is Sekke. Or as the memes put it, Dark Lord Sekke. Lemme explain, when Sekke saved the Royal King back at the end of the Elf Attack it seemed he unintentionally was on the rise up the ranks thanks to a rather flukey encounter. If you’ve been watching the anime filler you’ll see the King has been keeping Sekke close as a bodyguard. Initially Sekke seemed to be ok with this but as it gets more absurd he is clearly getting tired of being the King’s meat shield/glorified butler and has repeatedly asked Jack to let him back into the Green Mantis to do actual missions. Jack has seemingly already forgotten about him unluckily for him. But in this weeks chapter Augustus demanded during the Ranking Awarding Ceremony (I forget it’s exact name) he declared Sekke had not been recognized for his “valiant” efforts during the Elf Attack.

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Even Sekke seems to find this flimsy at best and dreads the death stares everyone else in the room gives him as he is shot up the rankings. So there’s almost a guarantee that Augustus insisted on Sekke being taken on the mission as he was “such a great wizard and far superior to most Knights” or some other such nonsense. Going off Sekke’s face I’m inclined to think this was how it went and Sekke is fully aware how unprepared for this he is. Given his Magic Affinity though he will probably make for a good meat shield for someone. The uniform worn by the Knights designated for this mission remind me of the State Alchemist uniforms in Fullmetal Alchemist. Gotta say I like Rill’s new hair, here’s hoping Charmy thinks similarly…………

Black Clover Chapter 274 Spoilers & Predictions:

So we could see who else is in this First Attack Squad, as there is another shown behind Yuno who’s face is not revealed. Obviously there’s Nacht but I suspect that will not be all of them yet. We may see Loropechika trapped in the Spade Kingdom, and Vanica likely gloating over her. Maybe even making some comment about how Noelle will come for her and how she can’t wait to fight her. Perhaps we will see a bit more of the rest of the Spade Kingdom, or Yami and William imprisoned too. Hell maybe all 3 together as they discover/realise just what is going on. Oh boy that’d be a heartbreaker. I wonder if we’ll see just how Sekke got put in the Squad, I can’t see Nacht viewing him as a vital asset. Hell if anything he’d see him, like I said before, as just a very effective meat shield.

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One thing that surprised me if how quickly we seem to be heading to the Spade Kingdom for the rescue. Given this sounds like they’re going straight into the Underworld too and taking on the Devils directly I ponder just how this will go seeing as it seemed like this would be the endgame of the entire Demon Saga altogether. Given how long the last Saga went, what if Lucifero plans to trap the protagonists in the Underworld and then reap havoc on the Human Realm, and the final part of the Saga is the humans escaping the Underworld, getting back to the Human World and finally taking down Lucifero there. It might seem like a stretch but eh it’s not the most insane theory out there.

So we didn’t see Asta’s new form. Given Nacht said he’d be called on when needed, here’s how I see this going. We not see much of Asta for the time being, only occasionally jumping back and forth between the action and his training. I still wonder/hope we’ll have Asta and Liebe go to Licita’s house and where she died. Asta and Liebe are going to get along more and more and this will help truly solidify their friendship/camaraderie. When this does I bet Gimodelo will try to stop them, and they will try to escape the Room. Chances are this is in the basement of that house and when they escape they will go through the house and maybe realise the truth of it, that it was Nacht’s family’s, and Gimodelo may end up telling them the truth about Nacht’s origins.

Perhaps this will happen simultaneously with Nacht battling one of the Devils. When Nacht is battling I feel we’ll almost certainly see what the other Devils he has contracts with can do, and what each of them are like too. If Gimodelo can’t leave the Devil Ritual room but can’t keep Asta and Liebe there I could see Nacht trying to call for them, finding out they’re gone and maybe a comedy scene of Gimodelo trying to explain it. Or there is a different way this goes. Nacht secretly calls Asta back whilst fighting an enemy and as said enemy is preoccupied fighting Nacht, Asta pulls off a sneak attack and gets the drop on this enemy, either taking them out the fight or turning the tables on them. It could look epic if done right, which I have faith in Tabata to do so.

Black Clover Chapter 274 Release date:

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