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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding kingdom 650 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of kingdom, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 649 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 649 kicks off with Shin on the front lines. As soon as he breaks through one Zhao defense line, shin is greeted by an additional army that significantly outnumbers them. Shin is ordered to assist both the red (Garo) and black (Gakurai) Hi Hyou units, and then return to headquarters to strategize the next moves.

It has been over a year of constant fighting at this point, and we learn that each army is experiencing a similar dilemma. Shin suggests sending a message to Shun Hei Kun about sending more men, but Ten reassures Shin that Shun Hei Kun is already devising a strategy. From there we are taken to Kanyou. Shun Hei Kun doesn’t disappoint and informs the council of his plans. He goes on to explain that the reason why Qin can’t send more soldiers from other locations is because that would leave them vulnerable to attack by the bordering states. The most important factor is Wei.

If Qin diverts troops from Wei’s borders, then Wei will attack. Furthermore, if Qin is too slow to defeat Zhao, then Wei could come behind them using the Yellow River and attack Gyou. With this said, Shun Hei Kun reveals his intention to form a 3-year alliance with Wei. This proposal shocks everyone in the room, and leaves Sei skeptical. Sei’s reservations are due to the fact that once Qin defeats Zhao, that the next state to fall would be Wei. However, Shun Hei Kun counters by offering a valuable consolation prize.

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Furthermore, we see GoHouMei and Ranbihaku racing towards the Wei capital in which GoHouMei is summoned so that the King and his council can get his input on the Qin proposal. GoHouMei immediately rejects the proposal, but is then told that Qin has offered to give Wei the city of Juuko. Juuko is a city considered to be impenetrable, and crucial for its strategic location. Juuko lies at the border of Chu, Qin, Wei, and Han.

The only problem is that Juuko is currently in Chu’s hands. Therefore, this proposal stipulates that Wei must forgo any attacks on Qin for three years, and in exchange Qin will help Wei in a military campaign to capture Juuko. It’s hinted that Moubu would be the Qin general in charge of the campaign. Once Juuko is captured, Qin will give Wei the city. Once GouHouMei learns of the proposal he is shown to be thinking about, without giving any indication of what to do next.

Kingdom 650 Spoilers & Predictions:

kingdom chapter 650 will be interesting. Wei will most likely agree to the proposal made by Qin, however I do not expect GouHouMei to agree with the proposal. The Wei King is not a strong King, and Wei isn’t capable of fending off Qin at this point. He is especially weary of Qin because they have eliminated three of his fire dragons within the last 9-10 years. Therefore he is going to be more inclined to agree with the proposal.

kingdom 650

I expect to see a message being sent to the Ri Shin Army, from Shun Hei Kun directing him to return to Kanyou. Ten and Shin will learn of the attack on Juuko city and that Moubu is the Supreme Commander of the expedition. Shin will likely question if Wei can be trusted, and why they would give up Juuko after working so hard to take it from Chu. To this point, Shin has served under every great general in Qin including Mougu, Duke Hyou, Ouki, Tou, Kanki, Yotanwa, Ousen. The only remaining great general would be Moubu. Of all the generals in Qin, Moubu is the most like Shin on the battlefield. I can’t wait to see a potential Moubu/Ri Shin army attack.

Kingdom 650 Raw and Release date:

Kingdom 650 will be on break next week, and will be released on Thursday August 20th. For the highest quality translation of Kingdom you can read it on Please support Hara-sensei when Kingdom is published in English. don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 280 & Black Clover 260

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