The Promised Neverland Chapter 175 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 174 Discussion:

Immediately continuing on from last week, Peter Ratri has decided to end his own life instead of seeing Emmas new world and slices his own neck with the knife he was planning to kill Emma with. As he’s bleeding out on the floor, his internalized pride is evident, he would rather die as a Ratri instead of becoming a commoner and lose his position as an aristocrat. As Emma attempts her “talk no jutsu” to get Peter Ratri on her side, he goes in the complete opposite direction, unwilling to compromise, unwilling to see that perhaps someone else could be right, and perhaps above all unwilling to forgive himself for the actions he took trying to undermine his brothers goals which now look to be the best method forward, leading to his brother’s untimely death.

Even after everything, we see Emma and co race over to try and save Peters life, a true testament to the values Emma holds in her heart where she doesn’t want to see a single soul suffer. Seeing Emmas anguished face, Peter begins to contemplate his life if he were born into Gracefield alongside Emma and the rest of the children, what life would have been like for him. Perhaps it shows that despite everything, Peter would have preferred a life of simplicity instead of being burdened by the Ratri curse, having friends instead of servants and

In the end Peter dies despite the best efforts to keep him alive, where he believes he will be a blot of the new bright future, and symbolically one regime is torn down whilst another form of governance is taking over.

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We get a cut scene where “The one” watches on, thanking Peter and the Ratri clan for 1000 years of seeming entertainment, before moving Peters soul on to whatever comes next. Emma tearfully watches as Peter dies in her arms, vowing to change the world into one where coexistance and harmony can be achieved and prove Peter wrong, it can happen if you actually try. The hard work of William Minerva to lay the foundation for a better world won’t be wasted.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 175

Back to the present storyline, Emma, the children and the mothers are all together as one unit now, where they require a tactical retreat and prepare for a siege in Gracefield by the demon army who look to be aiming at a take over to re establish control over the world.

As ever Emma wishes to pursue happiness and peace where ever she goes, she invites the Mothers to join up with the children to enter the new age Emma is creating, to walk over to the human world with them. Emmas flashback shows when she went to reforge the promise, she includes the mothers in her definition of the children, as they themselves were once just like Emma and her generation, cattle that grew up to control younger cattle.

The mothers are all apprehensive about this, in the face of the crumbling old world they are confronted by their guilt of what they did, the harsh reality is that they knowingly sent many young children to be eaten by demons, young children that loved and trusted them. How can one forget the sweet innocence of Connie, how sweetly she smiled and how trusting she was, for it all to be betrayed by Isabella as she died a nightmarish fear ridden pitiful way. Remembering all this, it’s obvious why they would be so ashamed of being allowed to enter the new age.

The feelings of sadness is sliced by Rays piercing words (he hasn’t spoken much for a while), he tells them “get over it already”. How simple, a brutal slap in the face of the self pity Isabella was feeling, how even Ray remembers that he was aware of the horrific reality the farms were, but chose to work together with Isabella instead of attempting to break free. He wants to make up for it by living and trying to create a better future, instead of wallowing in self pity and rotting in the dark.

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As this olive branch is firmly shoved in Isabellas face by Ray, her internal feelings are revealed, an outburst of emotions welling in her chest from many years come pouring out, how she betrayed her children, yet how they are willing to forgive her, the children surround her, trying to tear the last of the emotional walls Isabella has built up over the years, before finally she crumbles into tears, she cries out a sobbing apology before composing herself. Isabella steels herself to take command of Gracefield, she will rescue the remaining children, and Phil (wow, he’s been waiting a while) whilst Emma goes back to evacuate the children for a full retreat.

The last thing we see from this chapter is the demon army approaching gracefield, is it enemy reinforcements heading to annihilate them? We leave on a cliff hanger, where a message from the imperial capital to everyone, what could it possibly say?

The Promised Neverland Chapter 175 Predictions:

Well, Emma and Co don’t realise that Lewis is back has rescued Sonju and Musica, so the news will most likely be of this development. The approaching demon army could possibly be lead by Lewis reliving the siege, or potentially Sonju/Musica with Musica being crowned the new queen of the demons. That would be the most logical course of action, so Musica can use her special blood on all the demons to make them not need to consume human flesh to keep their forms.

More interestingly we will probably be approaching the details of what Emmas promise is. She would have to sacrifice something to make a new world, is it her life? Her memories? Would she be forced to turn into a demon? The promise is the last thing this series has left, admittedly the quality has dropped considerably after goldy pond, so what the promise is will pretty much make or break the story. Perhaps one condition of the promise could be “the one” actually comes down from his dimension to the human/demon world and be involved in it, rather than just watch from above and most likely just be bored. It was pretty obvious from when Emma/Ray tried to find him how he was having bags of fun playing with people.

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 175 release date:

The Promised Neverland Chapter 175 is scheduled to release on the 12th of April, which can be read on the manga plus website. Until that dates you can read our latest posts: Dr. Stone 147 & We never learn 155 Raws are out usually a couple of days before, and previous chapters can be read on this site.

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