TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Thanks to the Japanese creators for introducing us to Anime Boys. Absolutely no one can beat the charm they exude; they are created to steal hearts. Anime guys with curly hair, blonde hair, or even without hair know how to make girls crazy over them. 

Thus our standards have raised enough to live in our own delusions. And it’s worth it! They have a separate fandom, and they rule hearts irrespective of gender. Each of them has earned fame for distinct reasons. There’s no denying that Anime guys with curly hair have a unique and irresistible charm! Without making you wait any longer, let’s begin! 

12. Smiley (Tokyo Revengers)

Smiley in Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Thanks to Smiley’s peach-colored curly hair, he attracted a lot of attention. Peach-colored hair is unique, and so is our adorable Smiley. His hair plays a huge part in making him look cute. He is the twin of Souya who has similar hair but in turquoise color. Regardless, both the brothers have got some insanely attractive hair. 

The way he cares for his twin is simply heartwarming. And well, this is something that makes him loved even more. He is liked for his loyalty and affection towards his friends. The sweet boy is always ready to risk everything for them, which makes him an ideal boy. 

Unlike weaklings, the boy is fearless and loves to engage in tough fights. Though he has some limits, no one can deny the fact that he is a skilled fighter. 

11. Shunsui Kyoraku (Bleach)

Shunsui Kyoraku in Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Almost all the Bleach characters have something special about them. The best part is they are all extremely intriguing and exude a strong aura. The same goes for Shunsui, the man with long brown curly hair. His hair never fails to capture attention, regardless of gender. 

He is cool and an easygoing person who enjoys the simplest things. Shunsui is generally a very sweet and kind person. He tries his best to avoid chaos and find ways to make peace. However, when situations force him to battle, he is not someone who steps back. He impressively set certain rules for himself and remained dedicated to upholding them. For example, fighting in front of a child is strictly prohibited in his rule book. Just like other Soul Society members, his powers are commendable. It’s very unlikely to get bored when it’s his screen time. Shunsui sensei makes sure to make each minute entertaining.

10. Sakakiba Takuro (Persona Trinity Soul)

Sakakiba Takuro in Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Sakakiba is an intriguing character from the anime. He has beautiful curly hair that looks great on him. They enhance his overall personality and add more charm to his character. His strong will to never give up and be a better version of himself makes him effortlessly interesting. Initially, mastering control over his Persona posed a significant challenge for him.

However, thanks to his never-give-up persona, he became extremely good at handling it. Sakakiba is a friend that everyone needs in their lives. He is caring and loving from the bottom of his heart, which makes him a gem of a person! Unfortunately, he had a tough upbringing thanks to his father, who abandoned him. The incident created an emotional void in his heart that proved difficult to fill. Later in the series, he finally forgives his father for all the wrongdoings. 

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9. Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball)

Mr. Satan TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Those who have followed Dragon Ball right from the start might find this guy annoying. Mr. Satan never fails to boast about something he doesn’t even have. For example, claiming that he is extremely powerful just like the Saiyans, often annoys the fans a lot. 

Though he has indeed defeated ordinary humans, he’s nothing in front of the true VILLAINS. His role as Videl’s father adds an entertaining element to the anime. Why? Because he later becomes a family to the Saiyans. His black curly afro hair is considered a recognizable trait. People on screen and off screen remember him, and his hair is one of the reasons. 

Though he gave DBZ fans many reasons to hate him, he is a likable character. One of the many things we adore about him is his role as a highly protective father. Whenever it comes to Videl, Mr. Satan is ready to do anything for her. No matter how boastful he is, the man has a kind heart that cares for the innocent. 

8. Yatsura Sado (Bleach)

Yatsura Sado TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Sado, aka Chad, has curly brown hair that covers his eyes most of the time. He is a reserved individual who prefers not to engage in extensive conversation. The man would only speak when something is important. Ichigo is very blessed to have him as a friend, as Chad is very loyal and helpful. He has risked his life for his friends, just like Ichigo does. 

He hardly shows any expressions on his face. Nevertheless, half of his face is covered with hair, so if he shows, we won’t see them. (XD) Unlike Ichigo, he is not strong, but he’s fearless, which makes him interesting. In fact, even his opponents praised him for his fearlessness. Sado fights only to protect others rather than using his powers to abuse others. 

7. Usopp (One Piece)

 Usopp TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Welcome the Sniper from the Straw Hat Pirates to this list of Anime Guys With Curly Hair. I mean don’t tell me you forgot Usopp? (XD) It’s impossible to forget him, and we know it! Thanks to him for making One Piece entertaining. Without him, surely Straw Hats would be missing something. 

His lies just make us smile harder, which is no less than a blessing. Unlike others, he is weak, but that does not make him a burden. In fact, he always gives his best in making others feel safe and satisfied. This curly-haired man is a friend who lifts others. 

Everybody knows that though he is easy to get scared of, that’s not his weakness. His friends act like fuel for him and give him strength to face the odds.

6. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Spike Spiegel is an iconic character! So, what do you expect? Everything about him is special, not just his hair. Though his bouncy, light curly hair is the first thing one notices in him. His hairstyle conveys a great deal about his personality.

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He is carefree, lazy, and an easygoing person who fears nothing—not even death. Spike is a badass who does things based on his interests, which makes it easy for people to call him an anti-hero. Revealing his emotions is not something he excels at.

However, if one follows him till the end of the show, one knows he is a HERO in every sense! So now we know he is one of the best anime guys with curly hair.

5. Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Osamu TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Osamu is everyone’s favorite character from the fan-favorite show Bungo Stray Dogs. His curly brown hair and bangs that cover his face simply make him interesting. Not just his hair but the littlest things he does intrigue the audience. He is mysterious enough to make anybody curious about him. 

Osamu is strong-willed and very well knows how to keep thighs a secret. So, if you know something, that means the man wants you to know it. Apparently, he is a chilled-out, goofy, and easy-going person. So it’s easy to misunderstand him at first but the deeper one knows, the more scary he becomes. There is no doubt in saying that he’s a pure entertainer in the show!

4. Yhwach (Bleach)

Yhwach TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Okay, just like everything else, Yhwach’s hair is impressive. He has perfectly straight hair that gets light curls at the ends. There is no denying that his strong aura is enough to make anyone lose his balance. The terror this guy creates simply by existing is MASSIVE. 

Extremely brutal in his ways, this man with his God-like powers is the scariest anime character. Yhwach is one of the most overpowered characters of all time. Just his name is enough to feel chills running through the blood. He slayed the Gotei 13 captain, Yamamoto, into two by doing nothing much.  

Everything about him is out of the world. He is one of those anime guys with curly hair that you probably won’t want to see, even in your dreams!

3. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

Izuku TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Not all heroes are born perfect. Some are made, and some try hard enough to challenge the impossible. Izuku Midoriya is the latter! Born with a medical problem that stops him from being a SUPERHERO. Yet, against all the odds, he started his journey to become a hero like his idol, All Might. 

As they say, one needs a strong will to make the miracles happen; Deku’s will was strong enough. All Might saw the potential in him. Thus, he chose him as his successor, granting him his extraordinary superpowers. 

The green-haired boy is exceptional in whatever he does. He attracts people on-screen and off-screen with his indescribable charisma. His heroic journey aside, we absolutely love his curly green hair. You see, the boy was born to capture attention; the green color says it all! 

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There is no denying that the boy has the most attractive hair among all the anime guys with curly hair. 

2. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

Sakata Gintoki TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

There is absolutely nothing about this guy that one would find boring. His personality is like a wild wave ride, and so is his wavy hair. This handsome, lazy guy loves to help people with his unique abilities. Apparently, one may mistake him for a weird man obsessed with Pachinko. 

However, that’s not the case, as his attitude changes with situations. So, as long as there is nothing serious, he will love to display himself chilled and fun-loving. As soon as the dangers lurk, he is no less than a DEVIL. 

After all, he is a skilled Samurai feared as the WHITE YAKSHA! Unpredictability can easily be expected from Mr. Gintoki. Not gonna lie; he is a friend to die for, as he won’t even think twice about risking it all for his loved one. 

In short, he is a tall, handsome man with a strong will and impressive abilities! What else is there to look for in anime guys? Gintoki is one of the fan-favorite anime guys with curly hair!

1. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

 Muzan TOP 12 Anime Guys With Curly Hair

Despite his charisma and beauty, he is one of those anime guys with curly hair who are difficult to love. But he is a villain that we LOVE to hate! He is a demon in every sense—a devil thirsty for human blood. 

Muzan wasn’t forever like this, as there was a time when he was an ordinary human. His thirst to live longer has brought him to the level of selfishness where he only thinks about himself. Despite achieving his goal to live longer, he is weak to SUNLIGHT. 

Thus, he does everything possible to be resistant to it–good or bad. He has created multiple demons in the hopes of being flawless. The world is enveloped with chaos, all thanks to his evil ambitions. Many innocent lives were sacrificed to satisfy his desire to be PERFECT. Due to his actions, our Hero Tanjiro Kamado lost his happiness and shine in the eyes. Tanjiro fandom would never be able to forgive Muzan for what he did to him! 


Phew! Finally, we are done discussing the best anime guys with curly hair. Each one of them enjoys a huge fandom, and everyone has a different reason to love them. Some love them for their looks and hair, and some love them for how they are. Usually, hair is the first thing one notices in a character. Hairstyle deeply impacts the personality of the character and speaks a lot about it. No matter if the character is a villain or a hero, they all teach a lesson in their own unique ways. Name your favorite anime guy and what attracts you the most about him! Let’s have an interesting discussion in the comments below. Till then, take care, I’ll be back with an interesting topic!

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