Black Clover chapter 272 Spoilers, and Raw Scans release date

Ey up guys. I’ve been going through the entire discography of Nightwish this week in my continued endeavour to get through as much old stuff I’d been meaning to listen to for ages anyway. Helps that they’re my second favourite band anyway, when all this is over and we’re allowed out I really need to see them live again, last time (Manchester Arena in 2018) was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 272 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 271 Discussion:

So first we find out the name for Nacht’s Devil Form, Devil Union Mode. Which is…….kind of obvious when you think about it. Then he sneaks his shadows behind Asta and Liebe and somewhat smushes them together into a little ball, before they re-emerge as Asta in his Devil form. When Asta asks where Liebe went, he appears in Chibi form on Asta’s shoulder. Now he has his own Bell almost. He’s totally gonna try to get them to fight when he next sees Yuno isn’t he?

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Nacht explains that typically in a Devil Binding contract the one with the control is the one giving orders but given the unique state of Asta and Liebe’s contract it doesn’t seem to quite work like that. They need to figure it out as they go it seems, and do so fast. Asta asks Liebe how he can do that, to which he replies he…….doesn’t actually know how. Liebe states he just intended on taking over Asta’s body and reaping havoc as he pleased. As they bicker, we can’t read Nacht’s face but you can just tell he is already done with this nonsense. He decides to just get on with it and launches an attack at them. He states through Devil Union he can utilise the characteristics of his devils and mix their abilities with his own Shadow Magic. Doing this he creates a spell called Pack; a horde of Shadow Werewolf Clones who launch themselves at Asta/Liebe.

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The rest of the chapter is Asta/Liebe battling these clones, though mostly dodging whilst trying to think how to defeat them. Nacht states that as their contract isn’t the usual Devil Union, Asta drawing out 100% of Liebe’s power will be harder than it would normally be for most others. Asta wonders what the exact details of Nacht’s contract(s) mean if he has Four Devils whose power he can call upon. Asta then calls forth Yami’s Katana which just chips Nacht’s shoulder. Asta declares that the Katana is now named Demon-Slasher and that We’ll surpass our limits right here right now. You know, that little thing Yami always says. Nacht’s only response is he hates that phrase.

So…..just what went down between Yami and Nacht? It really is hard to guess just what, clearly something significant regardless. This was fun as ever, seeing Chibi Liebe was unexpectedly adorable and the bickering between the pair was hilarious. I get the feeling we’ll see a lot of similarly funny scenes of this ilk going forward, with that trope of “One is wacky the other is grumpy” being the basis of their interactions. I’m not sure if that even made sense but it did in my head so good enough for me……..anyway, onto the predictions section.

black clover chapter 272

Black Clover Chapter 272 Spoilers & Predictions:

as for black clover chapter 272, I don’t think we’ll get a full flashback but given Nacht’s last line in this chapter I wonder if we’ll get some more details on why Nacht hates Yami so much and what went down between them. As I’ve seen others suggest and going off other chapters, I wonder if Nacht had a twin brother who worked with Yami and rather ate up everything he said and took it all on board, only to die anyway. Perhaps that’s why Nacht hates him, he feels Yami got his brother killed and his methods are reckless and stupid.

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Asta will defeat the Pack, and I think we’ll see the characteristics/powers of the other Devils, as well as their names and personalities. If not all, at least another one maybe even two. One of the things Asta notes is the Wolves have the same Ki as Nacht. I wonder, maybe being in contract with multiple Devils means he has been more influenced in behaviour and personality by them than he realises. Maybe Nacht himself really is gone and one of the Devils is essentially using his body as a vessel and is steering the ship, all puppet style.

I don’t think the battle will be over soon, I suspect it’ll be another few chapters at least. Enough to see all the Devils abilities. I wonder if they’ll win, I suspect Nacht will win but it won’t be a landslide victory by any means, Asta will get a few moments in where he surprises Nacht and thinks he’s about to win before getting caught out. Or something like that.

Black Clover Chapter 272 Release date:

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