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My Hero Academia 280 Discussion:

After Giga blows most of the heroes away, Dabi has engulfed the surrounding area with fire so the heroes can’t really get close to Gigas mouth and deliver the anaesthesia. However the heroes noticed that whilst the majority of them had been blown away, a couple managed to remain. One of them is Ashida, she managed to cover her entire body with acid which gives her protection against the fire which means she can move into the danger zone.

The POV changes now to Giga, he has a surprisingly high level of intellect where he is weighing up his decisions which lead to getting to Shigis side as quick as possible. He realised that his decision to deal with the heroes first is taking too long and wasn’t the correct decision, he needs to get to Shigi quickly, and the only way to do that is to make sure that he takes care of the heroes, permanently.

In the midst of all this, Giga actually speaks for the first time, and Ashida instantly recognises his voice, he was the giant asking for directions back when she was in middle school, and back then she was struck with fear, she couldn’t move. Gigas voice triggers something akin to PTSD within Ashida, and she freezes, which buys Giga enough time to swat Mount Lady off of him and mineta loses her opportunity to through his can of anaesthesia, she is falling about to get crushed in the palm of Gigas hand, but just before that happens Kirishima arrives body slamming Ashida out of the way.

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my hero academia 281

We see a shot of Mount lady, she’s unconscious, Ashida is out of range, Giga has secured the rest of the league and made sure they are safe, the situation is looking dire, but Kirishima is there, desperately hanging onto Gigas arm, he’s literally puncturing holes into Gigas armour skin to get a finger hold onto his body and climbs up all the way onto his forearm.

He tries to throw his bottle of anaesthesia into Gigas mouth but toga intercepts that with her knife and shatters it. But all hope isn’t lost, Kirishima has the bottle that Ashida failed to launch and he lobs that right into Gigas mouth, the mission, against all odds has been completed.

We see a snippet of the ground team, Momo has managed to create three cannons now, a testament to the growth of her powers, and launches a volley of cannon fire on Giga to create an opening to extract, now we await to see if the plan comes to fruition.

We now return to the main event, Shigi v endeavour, and it looks like Shigi has been smashed around with eraserhead nullifying shigis powers Endeavour seems to have gotten the upper hand. Endeavour starts lecturing Shigi, telling him how without any ideals and morales, he couldn’t hope to win, but Shigi counters it, saying how heroes hurt their own families to follow their ideals, something that comes from his past, his pain as his father was so adamantly against heroes as his own mother, the previous wielder of one for all, abandoned him for her work, and the resentment of this decision lives on in her sons heart which Shigi bore the brunt of.

Shigi goes on to say how heroes hurt the one closest to them just to save strangers, and i’m sure nobody understands that more than Endeavour, his entire life dedication to being the number one hero ripped his own family apart.

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My Hero Academia 281 Spoilers & Predictions:

my hero academia 281 will probably be a talk no jutsu type chapter. Shigi seems to be out of steam and I expect Giga will not be doing much as the anastheisa takes hold, Shigi may expand on his original statement and describe how he always dreamed of being a hero, but his fathers excessive resentment towards the hero society always shut him down and became increasingly abusive towards him, which leads to Shigis initial breakdown and the events lead Shigi to AFO and his life as it is now.

As for the rest of the story, i’m not sure I fully expect Giga to become unconscious, feels like a groggy Giga will stumble his way to an out of steam Shigi, and they will manage to escape somehow from this situation as I really don’t see them being captured after all this hype, it just wouldn’t make sense, where would the story even go? Literally everyone is nearly dead anyway, hopefully midnights situation is resolved and she isn’t too badly damaged as she is a fan favourite.

My hero Academia Chapter 281 Raw and release date:

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