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What’s up guys? One Piece just dropped it’s latest new chapter and we’re finally here after almost 8 plus years of buildup. Things are heating up as an all out war breaks out in Skull Dome and Luffy finally faces an Emperor! This thrilling new chapter has surely made fans more eager for One Piece 988!Read on to find out what happened this chapter but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga before reading on because this post will contain spoilers!

One Piece Chapter 987 Discussion:

One Piece chapter 985 started off with a surprised Kaido being attacked by the Scabbards who pierce Kaido with their Ryou. Kaido is reminded of Oden as the scar inflicted by Oden starts to hurt again. Ulti and Yamato engage in a battle after Ulti stops her from attacking her father. Yamato also declares that she will no longer be an ally of the Beasts Pirates as Big Mom arrives to confront Luffy.

Nami and Carrot meanwhile successfully free themselves from the Homies as the samurai who were all disguised and the Beasts Pirates engage in a battle. Kaido meanwhile thinks about Orochi and his hallucinations and tries to turn the Scabbards against Luffy by saying that the pirates will abandon them when they understand the futility of going to battle against him.

Kinemon in return makes a heartfelt, goosebumps inducing speech about how he sees much more in Luffy and is sure of the fact that Luffy will one day stand at the pinnacle of the seas and ensures his intent to bring dawn to Wano again, the promise that was made to Oden. Big Mom questions Luffy about whether he actually believes he can defeat Kaido with a few soldiers and Luffy declares war in return. Queen is stupefied as he asks all the Beasts Pirates to gather after assessing the enemy numbers of thousands.

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A seemingly uninjured Kaido meanwhile transforms into his dragon form and flies outside to the summit of the Skull Dome with the Scabbards in tow.The chapter ends with the entire Mink Tribe joining the Scabbards with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi activating their Sulong forms under the full moon.


One Piece 988 will probably see the all the indicated battles begin. The Scabbards will battle Kaido while Luffy will battle Big Mom. It would be truly interesting to see Kaido battle the combined forces of the Scabbards and the Mink Tribe, that too, in their Sulong forms. Kaido obviously will not be defeated easily as he’s extremely durable, a feature that he has exhibited prior to this.

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It will also be interesting to see if Luffy will battle Kaido as he’s already dealing with Big Mom. Speculations are rife that it will be Zoro, not Luffy who’ll hence be defeating Kaido. There are speculations that the Marines might also make an appearance soon.

Also to be noted is that our heroes are facing a Yonko and fans are speculating that this means that there will be significant characters dying this arc. Most fans are betting on Kinemon dying stating that his speech about Luffy is a very big death flag for him. Fans speculate that even someone like Franky is also in danger of dying. Well whatever maybe the case, be sure to see the beginning of some epic battles in One Piece 988.

One Piece Chapter 988 Release date and where to read:

Catch One Piece 988 on the 23rd of August!
So what did you think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in One Piece 988? How will the Samurai and the Minks fare against Kaido? Will Luffy really fight Big Mom? What is Perospero’s deal? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget My hero Academia 281 & Chainsaw Man 81

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