Brook VS Apoo: who could win?

Just like a lot of you guys, I’m a BIG advocate of Brook VS Apoo.
That’s why i sat down and thought of ways Oda could make it a meaningful fight for Brook, while it could be a lesson for Apoo at the same time.
So I came up with a pretty interesting scenario, if I may say so myself
With the introduction out of the way, lets begin !

Lets start of with who Apoo is as a character and how he’s portrayed until now.

Apoo seems like the type of guy who ditches ANYONE to prioritize his own safety.
This was shown to us with the whole Kidd-Killer-Hawkins-Apoo Alliance.
Kidd even blames Apoo for everything that happened since his precise words
were :  ‘’Its all his Fault, that backstabber !’’ (chapter 980).

I think Oda is trying to tell us something there about how things went down, because if it was just a simple Kaido popped up and they surrenderd, there is no reason to blame Apoo for everything, but as we know he was part of Kaidos crew BEFORE he joined Kidd and the alliance.
Therefore its safe to assume that Apoo either attacked Kidd during his fight with Kaido OR ( and this is the one I actually roll with ) he actually sold their spot out and he revealed that he was the mole after Kaido showed up.

How does this tie in with Brook ?

Well you see, i believe Apoo ditched the majority of his crew to join Kaido, or maybe even worse, he attacked ( potentially even killed ) his former crewmates to join Kaido !

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So hear me out, We have literally seen ONE crew member of Apoos original crew in Wano.
Which is kinda off, because he used to roll with a lot of people that actually looked up to him.
Apoo running around without his crew (for that one exception who probably is his right hand) is a bit weird to me, especially since we have seen Hawkins and Kidds crew members running around in Wano too.

so its not something like the weaker ones got put into the gifter/waiter/pleasure army since Hawkins CLEARLY attacked Luffy and Zoro with his own crewmembers by his side (except for the mink crew member ‘’Faust’’, which probably is his right hand, and could have escaped with Hawkins help, when Kaido attacked, because we haven’t seen him in Wano either).

I also find it weird that Oda chooses to point out that Drake dislikes Apoo.
Of course this could just be a simple ‘’Marine dislikes Pirate’’ thing, but I actually think the reason of this is that Drake knows how Apoo was able to join Kaidos crew since Drake was the first Supernova to join Kaidos crew, and he didnt like how he ditched his old friends !

What would Apoo learn from Brook if they indeed have a fight ?

Well Brook could get pretty mad when he finds out that Apoo sacrificed his own crew, while Brook unwillingly lost his own (the Rumbar pirates).

Brook is possibly his wake up call to why his methods are wrong, and Apoo could even have a sad backstory which involves him getting abandoned by either his parents OR his tribe ( notice how he is the only Long armed tribe member in his crew ) .

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This way Brook could learn Apoo that distrusting everyone and betraying those around you isn’t going to get you anywhere.
I even see a dope double spread page of Apoo and Brook performing a sad song together while going at it.

Its even possible that Apoo is going to be a Deidara ( from Naruto ) type of character , who’m thinks that if it improves his art ( his music in this case ) its fine to betray and kill people since that literally sound like music in his ears.
Brook could be the one that shows him that the most beautiful songs come from the heart and being happy, and not from sadness and sorrow ( saw what I did there ? ).

He could even have different forms of music which resemble his character ( just like gear 4th has multiple forms ) , for example he could have a fighting stance that’s called ‘’sad music’’ or even one that’s called ‘’lonely music’’.

 Its very ”Oda like” in my opinion to somehow still be able to make us sympathize with a Traitor like Apoo.

Let us know what you think of this theory !

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