Top 10 Strongest Big Mom pirates ranked in order

Whats up guys we’re back at it again, and this time we’re doing a powerscaling list.
First things first, by NO means should you consider this list as facts !
At the end of the day its all speculation, and of course some are confirmed to be stronger then others, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t catch each other off guard and still land a fatal blow in.
I’ve based this list on 3 main things : Feats, Portrayal and position in the crew.
With this being said, lets get started !

10 strongest Big mom pirates

10. Baron Tamago.

Baron Tamago

So lets start of with the Viscount Hiyoko, Count Niwatori, Baron Tamago, hot chicken wings or whatever yall wanna call him.
His bounty is 429,000,000 berries which is pretty damn high, especially if we’re considering the Number 9 on this last had an even lower bounty then he has.

He ( like almost all the big mom pirates ) has consumed a devil fruit called the Egg-Egg Fruit (it’s a unclassified devil fruit) which allows him to change into stronger forms in mid battle.
He also has his Long legs which he utilizes pretty good as seen in his fight against Pedro.

His rank is also one of the reasons I put him on this list since Big Mom’s crew pretty much have a Chess themed layout for their members.
He was classified as a ‘’Knight’’ which is pretty much one of the stronger Pawns on the board.

9. Bobbin.


Alright so next up is the Bischop of the Big Mom pirates, ‘’sweeper’’ Bobbin.
The reason why I rank him higher then I ranked Tamago is for 2 reasons : His power is ridiculously broken, it’s a hypnoses of some sort but the limits are still unknown and last but not least, his rank.

You see a Bishop is considered the 3rd strongest on the chess board, because back in the more religious days, a bishop could get influence many people even without the help of the royal family (Big Mom in this case) which could be seen when he was portrayed as one of the ring leaders when the Big Mom pirates beated the crap out of Luffy.

8. Charlotte Compote.

Charlotte Compote

The very first daughter of the Big Mom family and the minister of Fruits, Compote.
We haven’t seen much from her yet, however we got a lot of info powerwise if we look for it in the story.

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For example, Vito calling her one of the monsters alongside the likes of Katakuri, Smoothie, Perospero, Oven and Daifuku was enough for me to trust in her power.

Also Big Mom trust her enough to bring Compote with her when she went to Wano.
Out of all Mamas children, she resembles her the most, which could be Oda’s way of telling us that she possibly could be a mini Big Mom (powerwise).

7. Charlotte Perospero.

Perorinnnnn, its time for the candyman himself to take the stage !
First of all his bounty of 700,000,000 is NOTHING to play with, he also has an incredible powerful devil fruit power, the Pero-Pero no mi.

He also is pretty capable of taking in a lot of damage, as we seen with the explosion Pedro caused, in which he somehow managed to cloud himself in with candy  to survive the impact (mind you this was at point blank range).

And to be fair if this was Perospero in his prime, I’d probably rank him even higher, but I think he got lazy over the years because he had his siblings solving most of the issues on WCI (the sweet commanders).

6. Charlotte Daifuku.

Charlotte Daifuku

Also a very formidable fighter, and even tho he’s below Oven on this list, I think they’re either almost equal or the difference is VERY small between them powerwise.
His lamp-lamp fruit could give even the likes of Sanji a tough fight !

The 300,000,000 bounty on his head also showed us that he is quite a menace in the goverments eyes.
Being one of the Katakuri triplets, is also one of the things which earned him his place on this list.

He’s also one of the trusted combatants that came to Wano together with his mother and siblings.
For some reason I want to see him and his genie vs Franky, it just fits IMO.

5. Charlotte Oven.

Charlotte Oven

With a bounty of 300,000,000, the most hot headed of all of his siblings (imo) Charlotte ‘’Hothead’’ Oven !
His Heat Heat fruit and his portrayal in WCI earned him to be in the top 5 strongest Big Mom Pirates on this list.

He clashed with Sanji multiple times, he even took one of his kicks straight in the neck, and stood up right after.
He also was one of the MVP of the arc because he REALLY chased the crap out of everyone that was an enemy back in WCI.

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I also like how he just couldn’t believe that his triplet brother got beaten by Luffy, to be honest he was ( IMO ) the most strongest obstacle for the straw hats during their escape (except for mama herself of course)

4. Charlotte Snack.

Charlotte Snack

Although Snack was MIA most of the arc, and he got beaten by Urouge, I think we should all stop sleeping on Snack powerwise.
First of all his bounty of 600,000,000 is ridiculously high if you keep in mind that Luffys bounty was lower then his was when he entered WCI.

On top of that in the anime it looked like he was strong enough to atleast fight a in Raid suit Vinsmoke Judge ( this wasn’t a full fight obviously but its still pretty amazing, considering some of the Big Mom pirates got speed blitzed by the Vinsmoke siblings in their raid suits).
Also the fact that Big Mom chose him over both Oven and Daifuku for a sweet commander position, says a lot about how strong this dude is.

3. Charlotte Cracker.

 Charlotte Cracker

What is said don’t need to be explained right ?
Cracker is the first enemy after Doflamingo that gave Luffy a run for his money, and who knows how that fight would’ve went if Nami wasn’t there to assist him.

His Bis-Bis fruit was strong enough to withstand blows from a serious fighting Luffy, and his haki was even strong enough to cut Luffy while he was in gear 4th.
The fact that Big Mom was certain that he would beat Luffy even tho he just defeated Doflamingo not to long ago, also shows how strong Big Mom considers him to be.

The fact that the marines ( and Urouge if we have to believe the anime) never saw his real face, also shows how strong he must be to never have to come out of his Biscuit Soldier during their encounters.

2. Charlotte Smoothie.

Charlotte Smoothie

Okay listen up, a lot of people like to meme the crap out of Smoothie ( which is understandable because she didn’t do a damn thing back in wci) I still think we definitely need to stop sleeping on her power.

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Her bounty alone was the 2nd highest of ALL of Big Moms children being only inferior to Katakuris himself.
She’s even so strong that Big Mom trusted her with guarding the VERY important ponyglyphs (in which she failed, because of…plot).

Jinbei himself even stated that Smoothie would be a big problem if she catched up to them in the chase during their escape.
We’ve also seen Smoothie somehow getting Reiju down to the ground during the tea party, which is crazy on itself considering Reiju is a poisonous flying assassin who was strong enough to level whole islands.

1.Charlotte Katakuri.

Charlotte Katakuri.

Who would’ve thought !?
Nah but for real tho, he deserves this spot, the man is a straight MONSTER when it comes to fighting.
He was strong enough to tank MULTIPLE gear 4th hits right in the face (something Doflamingo had quite the difficulties with).

He’s the first in command 2nd only to Big Mom, and on top of it HE NEVER LOST A DAMN FIGHT ! (until luffy of course).
We don’t know what happened to him after Luffy left WCI, but its safe to assume that he probably lost his position due to his loss.

BUT that doesn’t take anything away from his strength, he’s still the strongest Big Mom pirate imo.
Big Mom probably even went to Wano BECAUSE of her trust in Katakuris power, and except for other yonko *ahem* Blackbeard *ahem* I don’t see any pirate even dare to challenge WCI with Katakuri in charge.

What do you guys think ?

Is the list accurate in your opinion, and if not who would you place and where would you place him/her ?
I left Big Mom out for obvious reasons, and I also left out people that aren’t Big Mom pirates anymore, like Pekoms and Capone.
IMO Big Mom has one of the strongest Yonkou crews, and its not only because of their strength but also because of the influence they have on each other, and the feeling to protect their siblings is what drives them harder then a group like the Beast Pirates IMO.
Want more lists like these, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll try to see what we can do !

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