Dr stone chapter 149 Release Date, Spoilers and Discussion

Hi, welcome to my analysis of Dr stone chapter 148, where I will talk about what happened in the latest chapter and make some predictions. If you haven’t caught up with the latest chapters then please do as this post contains spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 148 Discussion (Recap):

At this point I want to give a shout out to Boichi, for the way he handled a transitional “filler” style arc. Instead of making it really drawn out, or just pointless filler chapters, he actually made it relevant to the story, the perfect length to keep the reader interested and ultimately we got where we wanted to, they navigated the Pacific ocean and now we begin the great North American adventure!!!

As soon as they hit San Francisco bay, we see that the petrification beam truly is a world wide phenomena, any fantasises of survivors who managed to beat the petrification beam was quickly quashed under the reality that Senkus crew really were the only survivors and the fate of humanity rested soley on their shoulders.

We are shown a huge line of statues floating in a river, and the crew quickly deduce they all fell in once the Golden Gate bridge has collapsed and rusted into nothing. Humanities greatest achievements all eroded by time. But the crew is optimistic, humanity is only dormant not extinct and they will reawaken soon.

The crew split up at the Sacramento river, one team to find the corn, and the other to replenish supplies. The fighting forces are practically drooling for protein, the voyage had a distinct lack of meat much to their annoyance.

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Senkus team set out in a boat and some modified amphibious version of the tank, where they scoured around the old corn belt to see how much has changed in the thousand years they’ve been away. He’s also worried about the time they have left, they already had a narrow window even if everything aligned perfectly for them, which it did, but it would be for nothing if they can’t actually locate where the corn is now growing.

Some respite is found however, as over time the earths tilted over it’s rotational axis slightly as time goes by, this has managed to give Senku 9 more days to find the corn before it starts to wither away and become useless. However this could also have adverse affects on the climate and animal kingdom, which surely we are going to see very soon….

….yep, right off the bat we have a wild alligator attack. Seeing as nature hasn’t been in contact with humanity for so long, the wild beasts have all but forgotten man and its vehicles, so they head straight towards senkus boat-tank. But those poor beasts, they don’t realise they’ve attacked a boat with a starved crazy elite fighting force craving some protein.

After this the scene quickly flips to Francios using the gator meat to grill up some good old hamburgers, real american food for the great american road trip. As the gators are being gutted, instead the stomach of one alligator, senku finds his holy grail, some ripe corn. That means it’s close, and his plan is already falling together.

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Dr stone chapter 149 Predictions:

After all, this is quickly happening, it’s going to be a fairly straightforward journey to discovering the corn’s location in Dr stone 149 and using the muscle team to harvest as much as they can. Most likely Senku will set up a second laboratory so he can begin his production of corn ethanol, via fermentation and distillation. As the team also stocks up on provisions, we will probably see a lot of American wildlife, the most famous being the North American Bison. Perhaps a wild west chapter will come as well, Texas having oil fields could be another source of fuel for Senku should the corn not provide enough. And I think at some point Chrome is going to discover some minerals, perhaps one which will eventually lead to a jewel to present Ruri with at some point.

Dr stone chapter 149 Release date and where to read:

Dr. Stone Chapter 149 is scheduled for the 10th May, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 148 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available.

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