Black Clover chapter 273 Spoilers, and Raw Scans release date

Ey up guys. As gyms have been shut I’ve pigged out a bit, but ours re-opened for outside sessions so I am now knackered having done zero exercise for the past two weeks and then going into a full workout again. Also finished my “Classic Albums” run-through and am now onto albums I just meant to listen to for years but never did. Tonight’s listening is Kelly Clarkson’s Breakway and The Saturdays’ Living for the Weekend (now there’s a callback…….). Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 273 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 272 Discussion:

So we start off a tad unexpectedly, cutting over to Yuno training. He notes someone in the background, who reveal themselves to be Langris. Or as Yuno addresses him, Former Vice Captain Langris. Langris comments Yuno is as nasty ever, to which Yuno retorts vice versa. Man did Elsa did isekai into the BC-verse the amount of iciness in this place…………if I ever have kids I am gonna drive them insane with bad dad jokes aren’t I. Whatever, anyway Langris asks where Bell is and Yuno replies she’s back in his Grimoire for the time being.

He then asks Langris what his purpose in being here is, and it seems Langris knows of the current situation and how Zenon’s devil seemed to have Spatial Magic and thus came to offer his assistance in training Yuno. Yuno seems to clearly not want to but acknowledges he needs to get stronger and can’t really be picky about it right now so agrees to train together.

We then jump to Asta and Liebe battling Nacht, and show them hitting the floor after being defeated. Again. Asta ponders how this is happening when he and Liebe now have a Devil Union of their own. He then crawls over to a hamper by the battlefield and they both tuck into the treats inside, which seem to be not just delicious but healing their wounds too. The contrast between their faces here is hilarious. Nacht says this food was made by Spade Resistance fighters.

He then says he has an idea and Liebe internally notes how about 10% of Asta’s ideas are good and the other 90% are crap. The next panel is the funniest in the whole thing with Asta sticking Liebe on his shoulders yelling Combine! Liebe’s resting bitch face of I’m so done with this says it all really.

They bicker some more and Nacht has a brief flashback to having arguments with his own brother. He then tells Asta and Liebe it’s time to rendezvous with the others and Asta is shocked that two days have already passed. Nacht then states that if they still haven’t figured it out they may as well die here anyway. Asta and Liebe merge, but then we see Nacht’s next big move; Mana Zone: Dark Prison Hunting Ground. The entire area becomes cloaked in shadows, with a multitude of arms protruding from all areas. Asta looks shocked for a second before taking a right hook (or left? hard to tell) to the face and is sent reeling.

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Asta notes that he can’t sense Nacht’s Ki and thus can’t prepare a defence against his attacks. This is further emphasised when he takes another hit. Asta and Liebe are both frustrated at their inability to do anything and reflect on why they’re even here and fighting; for Liebe, vengeance for Licita and for Asta, to rescue Yami. They both know the other can’t die, then a light seems to appear in the darkness, an eyeball is shown………then the chapter ends.

So that was a lot more than I expected. The Yuno moment was nice to know what was going on his end. I wonder if Langris was fired or quit the Golden Dawn. Given his demeanour I feel inclined to think he was fired. He seemed annoyed about Yuno specifying the Former part of his sentence, hinting he is still emotional about that. Be that emotion anger or sadness is hard to guess although I feel the former is the more likely.

Given Bell was storing mana last time we saw her and now she’s back in the Grimoire for now I think she’s continuing that, and perhaps being inside the Grimoire itself helps that further, that it means she can absorb more mana somehow? Eh it’s all still speculation at this point. Seeing Asta and Liebe’s chemistry on full display was great, you can just tell this is gonna be the source of so many funny moments going forward with Asta being the “wacky” one with Liebe as his grumpy counterpart. Did I already say this in another review? Probably. But eh fuck it.

Black Clover chapter 273

Black Clover Chapter 273 Spoilers & Predictions:

OK so we’re getting a new form next week right? Seems to be fairly obvious given how this chapter was ending. It’s hard to guess, there’ll be more of Liebe in this form but I don’t think it’ll just be more of Liebe coating Asta, I think the coating will have a different design this time. Maybe more intricately woven lines, a few more detailed parts. Also one thing people have been clamouring for that I think maybe we’ll get; Anti-Mana Zone. OK so it may not be exactly like that.

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Normally this means changing the Mana in the immediate area to that of your specific Magic attribute. But as Asta and Liebe have no Mana that can’t work exactly. So how would it work? My suspicion is instead they can expel Anti-Magic in their immediate area, which will cancel any magic surrounding them, such as Nacht’s Shadow Magic. It’s not an exact replica of Mana Zone but it’s as close to a Mana Zone that they could have. It works in a similar way, it’s just instead of converting Mana in an immediate area they nullify Mana in their surroundings. It’d be interesting as Asta doesn’t really have any AOE (Area Of Effect) spells, his spells are close-quarters combat style spells. Aside from the Anti-Magic Slash he used in the moving tower just after the time-skip (or whatever it was called, not sure that was the name). I like the idea of a villain, or Nacht in this case, trying to sneak up on Asta but realise they can’t as when they get close to him they become unable to hide from his immediate surroundings.

Yuno we may not see more of but I wonder if we do, we may get more explanation as to what exactly Bell is up to. My idea was perhaps a “Spirit Sage Mode,” where maybe she covers his entire body in her mana, or they go through some greater “fusion.” We may get more of what Langris has been doing during the time-skip. The way it had been played pre-skip he was going to try to “compete” with Finral but if anything it seems he just kind of……..gave up and decided to stick to being a Noble Heir? Although it’d be hard to figure out what he could’ve been fired for, given everything William did yet was kept on, what could Langris have done that was worse.

Alright now for my most tin-foil theory. Charmy has links to the Spade Kingdom. During the Elf Reincarnation attacks we find out that when Charmy cooks with her Cotton Magic Sheep she can infuse her mana into the food allowing people to restore their mana through eating and act as a healing ability of sorts through it. These treats from the Spade Kingdom seem to have similar abilities, in restoring your health and stats. We don’t know Charmy’s parents, family or origin yet. But knowing Shonen and the other Bulls pasts, it’s sure to be a tragic one. I could see it turning out she was forced to flee the Spade Kingdom at a young age and doesn’t really remember it but one of their parents is still there. But given Charmy is a few years older than Yuno was when he left, and he seemed to flee as it was just starting.

So you’d think Charmy would remember at least vaguely. But maybe her mother or father came from beyond the Spade Kingdom, to escape something else. And then when the revolution happened in Spade one of them stayed behind for whatever reason, though my guess is to let Charmy escape. And then they had stay, or couldn’t escape Spade. Maybe they joined the Resistance and help them as a support mage by helping restore their health through their cooking. OK I may be stretching a tad but eh I’ve had crazier theories in the past.

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Black Clover Chapter 273 Release date:

Usually the latest Black Clover Chapters are available once they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for Black Clover 272 are released 2-3 days before their official release date which is around the 29th of November and fans will start discussing the spoilers of Black Clover 273 over our Reddit sub and other social media platforms. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps. don’t forget to check our latest posts: One Piece 997 manga spoilers & Jujutsu kaisen Episode 9

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