Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 280 Spoilers, Bnha 280 Raw

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My Hero Academia 279 Discussion:

The chapter starts with the team fighting against Giga, they are desperately trying to stop him from leaving to get to Shigi, although they probably don’t know just how important that actually is, they are still fighting valiantly to put him to rest.

We see a whole host of traps being set, Mudmad from class B is making the ground all squishy and boggy in an attempt to get Giga to sink into the ground and trip, Mineta has his sticky balls  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) all over the ground in a similar trap to mudman, the idea is to stop Giga from so they can administrate a dose of anaesthesia which will knock Giga out. However there is an issue, Gigas skin is so thick that a needle simply wouldn’t break through, so they will need to give him an oral dose, which means they have to somehow get his mouth open long enough for someone to get close to delivering it.

This brings us to the second issue, the League is on Gigas back, as we saw with that wood guy, who Dabi roasted. The kids must eliminate the the league first before they can think about getting close enough to drug Giga.

my hero academia 280

All the while, Mount Lady is still desperately clinging to Giga, which is seriously impressive seeing as she’s been hanging off Giga for like 5 chapters or whatever, I doubt she will hold onto anything quite as long for the rest of her life after this traumatic experience.

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Well back to the plan, it works and Giga trips over, which is stage one of the plan complete, the next stage is the most hazardous part of the operation, getting Gigas jaws open without getting into a fight with the league. We see the students attempt to use a winch kinda system using vines from that plant lady from class B and minetas balls  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on Gigas chin, which they use to try and just force him open.

A second strike team is created, this team is to neutralise the League on Gigas back, they need to make sure nobody interferes with the first group, we see Kaminari try and use his lightning, but that’s blocked and he’s forced back by a barrage of debris which is thrown at him.

Giga clearly knows something is up so he literally just blews the kids away, if his hands and feet are bound he can still create a gale of wind using nothing but his breath. We are then told his quirk, a quirk that turns morale into physical energy, so as long as Giga is in high spirits, he is basically unstoppable, added to another quirk that stops him from feeling pain, he truly is a formidable berserker. They say he has other quirks as well but they aren’t specified yet but they undoubtedly contribute to his immense size and brute strength.

The plan seems to be in tatters, fire is spreading keeping the students out of striking range, and Giga is beginning to stand up, the situation is looking hopeless, Momos counter measure of placing explosives that is ready to trigger to try and get Giga back on his feet might actually be counter productive as the league mention that Gigas digging abilities to tunnel underground are amazing, but he’d have to drop the league members off his back if he wanted to do that, which is why he probably hasn’t already done so, leaving them stranded in not what Shigi would want.

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Right at the least moment, in true Shounen fashion Moutn Lady rises up from Gigas waist and sees that the kids trying to jam something into Gigas mouth, even if she doesn’t know what the plan is, she decides to trust in the children and yanks open Gigas jaw, the last panel we see in acid girl with a massive glob of her acid ready as she seems to be jumping somewhere.

My Hero Academia 280 Spoilers & Predictions:

My hero academia 280 will most likely be the end of this Giga saga, where the anaesthesia will be delivered, whether or not it works is another matter entirely. However I do think they will succeed in bnha 280 as dragging out this arc would mean that defeating Giga will be almost impossibly, and I hope they don’t write themselves into a hole because if they can’t defeat Giga then how the hell are they going to beat Shigi?

As for the Shigi stuff, well that’s going to be intense too, I still don’t see how Deku and co actually beat Shigi, the only thing I can see if that like all might, Shigi has a limited time where he is super charged and then has to cool down for a bit, and that would mean that he would have to withdraw.

I don’t really see there being a satisfactory way that the heroes win that fight without some sort of a fairy tail level asspull coming about, something like Deku temporarily unlocking AFO 100% or something stupid like that would probably not be a popular move as it would greatly interrupt the story telling.

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My hero Academia Chapter 280 Raw and release date:

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